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Although I got them awhile ago, I hadn't found the time until recently to start reading either of these two new books:


Ironically, both books are sequels.  It seems that publishers are encouraging writers to "extend" their works for maximum sales.  I'm not sure if this is a successful strategy -- books are incredibly expensive these days -- but when you've got writers like Arthur C. Clarke and Dan Simmons, there's a solid fan base who will likely snap up a series.  Hey, I did.

I cracked open the new Clarke book (co-written with Stephen Baxter) first because, well, Arthur C. Clarke is my favorite science-fiction author (with Childhood's End being one of my all-time favorites).  Sunstorm is "Book 2" of what's billed as "A Time Odyssey" (a PR link to Clarke's 2001: A Space Odyssey series).  I really enjoy the optimism that pervades Clarke's works, and I also like that he's an easy read. But 150 pages in, I'm a bit unimpressed with Sunstorm.  There's very little connection (so far) to the first book, Time's Eye.  That dealt with characters who find themselves on a duplicate Earth where different eras exist side-by-side in fractured time zones.  The concept allowed Clarke to put together characters from Earth's history in a rather engaging way, but I'm seeing no payoff (so far) in this sequel.  Here's hoping things improve.

Olympos is up next, the sequel to Simmons' Ilium.

Actually, up next is the Favorite Bear of the Moment...

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