notmypresident: (Grumpy Thor)


Thanks to the miracle of the Internet, I just listened to about a third of the forthcoming Barbra Streisand album, Guilty Pleasures.  Hey, listen — I'm enough of a fag to like Barbra Streisand without necessarily thinking she walks on water.  But the last album of hers I really liked besides The Broadway Album was Guilty — which, as it happens, this new album is a "sequel" to.  Well, from what I've heard so far, that old truism that sequels rarely work holds up here.  Wow.  Major suckage.  On the one hand, it's probably not fair to judge an album based on a third of its content; on the other hand, the record company is probably offering what it thinks will likely help promote the album.  And if that's the case, Babs is in big trouble.

Oh, who am I kidding?  The thing will probably sell a half million in its first week.  Good thing for me they're releasing (finally) a remastered edition of Guilty a few weeks beforehand.  The original CD release left a lot to be desired.

And hey, I really like the twinkle in the eye of this Favorite Bear of the Moment.  I'm guessing that's because he probably hasn't heard Guilty Pleasures yet.