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This is yet another entry in the saga that has become my Midlife Crisis -- but I feel the need to express clearly and succinctly that the following observations are not an attack or criticism of any person, place, or thing.  Really.  I'm just pondering / reflecting / processing certain things that have come my way via a number of people.

To a man, every person that I've opened up to about these problems of mine has been understanding, sympathetic, and helpful.  But one of the things that I continue to hear is the kindly observation that "other people have gone through what you're experiencing" or variations on the same.  And I don't get that.  I don't doubt that others have been in situations that are similar to mine, but that's their experience.  If I were to suddenly announce that I had cancer, would I feel better if someone said "Oh, Hank has cancer too"?  Probably not.  I get that it's a form of extended-community group therapy and I know (and recognize) that it's only said to try and help.  Even so, such comments leave me mentally shrugging my shoulders. 

I tend to look for unbidden responses in people.  I think they're much more honest and, as such, give a clearer picture of how folks might really be feeling.  So it's been rather heartening for me to see a few people actually appear puzzled when I tell them how unattractive I've been feeling of late.  That initial "What the fuck are you talking about?" look in response is so much more reassuring than any words that follow. 

But I don't want to obsess; this was just on my mind this morning.  Time for the treadmill.  And the Favorite Bear of the Moment, of course.

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