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This is not a rant

I've never been one for hyperbole — Which is a little strange considering that we're bombarded on all sides day in and day out by superlatives.  So I guess I shouldn't be surprised that folks are generally unprepared when I honestly react to questions as to whether or not I've liked something.  Instead of responding with "It was the greatest thing I've ever experienced," I tend to be honest and say "I had a nice time."  There's nothing wrong with having "just" a nice time, but it often seems as if that's not good enough.  This has happened even at my new job:  The supervisor asked me a while back if I was having "fun" at my new assignment.  She literally blanched when I told her that "fun" wasn't something I normally equate with work.  I assured her that I was doing well and that there was nothing wrong -- but it was clear that I had not provided the pre-programmed response.  Which brings me to:

I had a nice time at the pool party on Sunday.  After all my sturm und drang about going/not going, it turned out to be a nice time.  I didn't get naked.  I didn't go swimming. I didn't have wild hot passionate monkey bear sex in the bushes.  But I still had a nice time.  I met a few nice people.  I had some nice food.  I was the company of some really nice friends.  Hey, if "nice" is good enough for me, it should be good enough for others.

In the Not So Nice Department, Apple has once again taken a cue from Bill Gates.  Earlier tonight I checked into the iTunes Music Store to see if they had any remixes of my latest ear worm:  Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone."  I was pleased to see that they did, in fact, have remixes available -- yea!  But although I could listen to samples, I kept getting an "Error 400 — cannot connect to server" prompt whenever I tried to buy the damn thing.  I went to the iTunes help section, where the "solution" was presented:  upgrade to iTunes 4.9.  Not a problem — except iTunes 4.9 will only work for Mac OSX v10.2.8 or later... and I still have little ol' 10.1.5.  Clever, eh?  Well, only by reading a bit further and discovering the rather cryptically worded "if you are unable to upgrade immediately" section was I able to discover that all one has to do is go into their cookie folder and delete some specific cookies that Apple had placed there to "encourage" me to upgrade by disabling the software. Presto chango and I'm listening to a nice dance mix of Ms. Clarkson's (Avril Lavigne inspired) song.

And in keeping with today's magic word, here's a "nice" Favorite Bear of the Moment...

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