notmypresident: (Possessed)
When my iTunes crashed a month or so ago and I was forced to delete and reinstall, I lost all of my self-made playlists for exercising.  Bummer.  Coming up with a sequence of music that not only keeps me going but pushes me in a continuous fashion is trickier than it sounds.  If every song came with Beats Per Minute listings, life would be so much simpler.  As it is, exercise playlists are pretty much trial and error for me.

One of my current playlists is just about perfect:

  • "Limbo (Latin Mix)" Bryan Ferry -- 3.3/3.4 mph (6:39)
  • "Heart of Glass (Original 12" Instrumental)" Blondie -- 3.5/3.6 mph (5:15)
  • "Supernature (William Orbit's Mix)" Erasure -- 3.7 mph (6:57)
  • "Take Me Home (12" Version)" Cher -- 3.7 mph (7:32)
  • "Roam (Instrumental)" The B-52s -- 4.2 mph (5:27)
  • "Good Boys (Giorgio Moroder Extended Long)" Blondie -- 4.0 mph (7:07)
  • "Funkytown (12" version)" Lipps, Inc. -- 3.7 mph (7:49)
  • "Limbo (Latin Mix)" Bryan Ferry -- 3.3/3.4 mph (6:39)

I have a couple of extra songs that I can flag to be included in the playlist should I feel like a long session.  But I've found that this group is pretty close to perfect for me.  Depending on the incline, this can be a light workout (1.5% incline), a medium workout (3% incline), or a challenging workout (4+% incline).  Today was challenging for me -- 4% incline and a full 60 minutes for a total of 515 calories burned.  Plus one soaked T-shirt.  I'm to the point where I could workout without a T-shirt, but it wouldn't be as much fun without seeing how soaked with sweat I can get my T-shirt!

I'm thinking that the Favorite Bear of the Moment works out too.  Either that, or he's blessed with good genes.