notmypresident: (A New World Record)
I'd heard that it was "tentatively" set for release in 2007, but I just had another geekasm when I saw that there's now an actual god-damned street date!

February 20th is the day I'll get to revel in my favorite Electric Light Orchestra album (02/12 will be the release day in England, since their "new music" release day is Monday). For years, I'd heard that the original master audio tapes for "Out of the Blue" were so badly handled and damaged that it would nearly impossible to remaster them. And, of course, the existing CDs of the famous double album all sound like crap. I'm thrilled (yes, "thrilled") that I'm finally going to get to hear this masterpiece in (what I hope will be) its full aural glory.

Oh, if only they could provide a 5.1 SACD edition as well. But, no — I'd probably drop dead right then and there if they ever announced that! I'll just have to settle for shelling out the big bucks for the deluxe hardbound book edition.

And speaking of "pick-me-ups," here's the Favorite Bear of the Moment.

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