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My first post from my new living situation in Oregon.

The trip up from California was surprisingly pleasant. Dad and I managed to set out on the first leg of the trip at around 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday — a little later than I'd hoped for, but it couldn't be helped. I simply ran out of time/energy for getting everything pre-packed at the old house! The movers were great, and helped pack 99% of my stuff onto the 20' U-Haul truck. Quite the accomplishment, that. Dad was disgusted by the visible remnants of the rat infestation from a few years ago, the result of the landlord carelessly leaving the backdoor of his space open to the yard and thus giving the rodents easy ingress to the entire house. In fact, dad basically wants me to trash any furniture that I had prior to the infestation because he says it's undoubtedly tainted with their waste product (and it does get everywhere; I thought I'd cleaned it all up after the actual incident). I'll probably do just that at a later time. In any event, I had no qualms about leaving my apartment space without giving it a good cleaning, as I would typically have done for any other situation. Fuck it. Any claim from the landlord for cleaning funds will be directed to his offer to help pay for my moving costs (which, of course, he has not followed up on).

Oregon is going to be a bit of a cultural shock for me. I've only been here two days, and I've already run into a few instances of implied homophobia — both in others and in my own father. One had to do with a breakfast restaurant that is owned by Christians, with menus sporting the "fish" symbol on the back cover. When I expressed to dad that I'd prefer not to give them any business in the future, he was at a loss for my position. "These people are trying to take my rights away," I explained without any success. I next tried to use the example of being Jewish and feeling similarly if the restaurant had a KKK logo on the menu. "It's just food," my dad said with exasperation.

The next bit of homophobia was more than implied. It was at the private golf course where my dad volunteers. After saying hello as we drove up, one of my dad's co-workers said to him "Are you Gay now that you've been down to California???" It was said as a joke, but was still a slap in my face. I was about to point out to the idiot that I was in fact Gay, but I kept quiet out of respect for my dad's position there. I wouldn't want him to lose out on a job that means a lot to him should the worker take offense at some fag standing up to him. But I will certainly give the man my coldest shoulder should I ever run into him again. Respect for my father's position only goes so far, after all.

And it all led me to start wondering just how much I'll have to stand up for myself here and whether or not that will impact my situation with my father. His internalized homophobia may not be able to deal with an out-and-proud Gay son, but I'm not going to step back into the closet just to keep him happy. And if he asks me to move out, which I don't really consider to be a possibility (but which could still happen), I'll deal with that situation if and when it happens.

But aside from that, I have to say things are going rather well. Dad and I were able to unload my bedroom furniture from the U-Haul truck already, saving an additional step. We're headed to the storage unit tomorrow where the local movers will help unload everything left. The items that come back to the house will have to stay on the truck, but I think they'll be much easier to unload for dad and I than the bedroom furniture was. I also went to Home Depot today and bought some paint and supplies for the two rooms dad has ceded to me, so that will be the next project once the U-Haul truck is turned in.

Now for Another Hot Guy.

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Here's hoping things continue to go well between you and your dad. I've never encountered that sort of homophobia when I've been in Oregon... but then I haven't spent a whole lot of time there recently either.


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