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I love discovering new music, and I may have just found a new obsession in Superfruit, a musical collaboration between two Gay members of Pentatonix. I actually don't care for Pentatonix, though they've steadily been developing national popularity (which includes two #1 albums on the Billboard charts). Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying decided to start a YouTube channel a few years back to let everyone know how great (and how Gay) their friendship was. It was a smart move, because they have nearly 2.5 million subscribers these days. It's a perfect platform to launch their musical friendship as well.

Superfruit perfectly blends the upbeat nature of past Boy Bands and catchy pop music for their just-released debut EP, "Future Friends, Part One." Take a bit of Michael Jackson and a bit of Justin Timberlake and you've got Superfruit. And the duo's YouTube videos are SuperGay, which is a real delight. Scott and Mitch represent a whole new generation of young Gay men who have no qualms about their identities or how they come across. It's really refreshing, considering how often management probably tried to steer them down a different path for fear that their openness might alienate potential customers. They even display their Gay selves in their videos.

"Future Friends, Part Two" is expected to arrive in September. I'm not sure why they opted for two EPs instead of a single proper album, but perhaps that was to gauge their popularity. Here's hoping their 2.5 million subscribers actually spend some money on the first EP in sufficient numbers to secure the release of the second.

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