notmypresident: (Curious Beardo)
I've set up my living space to reflect myself without much care for those who might not share my interests. The house is filled with bookcases of Blu-rays and vinyl records and the walls are decorated with movie and/or Broadways posters.

But one wall represents the bear in me.

I sometimes suffer a bit of angst over whether such a display is "too much" for visitors. Not that I get that many, but it happens. And sometimes the visitors are even straight, such as the delivery guys for my dialysis supplies or the nurses from the clinic. It's then that I wonder what they're thinking about the Bear Wall. There was a time when I would remove a few of the semi-nude drawings when I knew a straight person was coming over (the hardcore erotic art is confined to the bedroom), but I grew tired of that subterfuge several years ago.

And yet I can't help wondering if I would display similar drawings of women if I were straight. I'm not sure about that. But then, straight men are constantly bombarded with such imagery every minute of their lives, while gay men have to fight to create their own erotica. It may be childish, but I don't care. And I'm not getting rid of the giant teddy bear in my seat either!

Now for Another Hot Guy.

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