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Things are proceeding apace, as things have a tendency to do. I haven't quite settled into my new routine here at dad's house, but I'm getting there. My bedroom is almost complete — only the Broadway posters remain to be hung. I can see how it will become my sanctuary. So far, dad is respecting what a closed door represents, though he still pops up unexpectedly (and unannounced) in the computer room. One thing that I've learned is that I need to do things like my laundry whenever dad is working at the golf course (as he is this morning). I forgot and left a load of my laundry in the drier yesterday and (of course) he went through it. I wonder if he read the "Size Does Matter" t-shirt that was part of that load?

There are moments when the enormity of this change hits hard. When it does, it feels as if the floor beneath me has suddenly vanished and my stomach drops about three stories. I try to work through those spells, though it's tough to maintain an even keel. But I think I'll enjoy Portland on the whole. Staff members in stores are uniformly pleasant and polite, which is a nice change from California. There's also a wide variety of stores in the area, which is also a pleasant change. Land values and rental prices in California limit the amount of businesses that can prosper there; here, there are often four or five fast food chains doing business right next to each other (and apparently thriving). It still surprises me. I haven't asked dad to take me to Dairy Queen yet as I'm saving that for a personal treat.

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One of my constants is The Simpsons Tapped Out game on my iPad. It's amazing that such a simple game has provided countless hours of fun for me, but that's part of its design. You get to create your own Springfield, and the creators are constantly adding new buildings and new characters to play with.

I've created my own Gayborhood in my Springfield, bordered with the rainbow crosswalks that were part of the recent Pride celebration. I always see that some of the Gay characters are dancing outside of the steel mill (which doubled as a Gay club in the show). The same goes for having some of the Lesbian characters visit the She/She Lounge. Gotta support those Gay businesses!

Not all of the buildings are specifically Gay, but I've grouped some pink-colored buildings because they seem to fit. I'm looking forward to the upcoming Halloween 2017 theme, which is always a major event.

Now for Another Hot Guy for Caturday.