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Dad and I have been eating out a lot since I got here. That's bad for my diet, but good for him. He doesn't seem to eat a lot on his own and even admitted that he's been losing weight lately. So I like to think that one positive aspect of my moving in will be to see that he has some regular meals to help him maintain his health.

But one thing I've noticed at all of the various restaurants is that they seem to be obsessed with pumpkin. I get it: Oregon is an agricultural state, and it happens to be pumpkin season. But the focus of pumpkin-flavored food borders on the obsessive. We had dinner last night at Copper River (the fried chicken was incredible). But when I asked about their chocolate deserts, all they could come up with was pumpkin cheesecake!

And then I saw this:

Sweet Jeebus, save me! Pumpkin is taking over the planet!

Now for Another Hot Guy.

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I'm so angry, I could spit. Actually, I could do a lot worse than just spit.

I went grocery shopping at Fred Meyer this afternoon. A "helpful" clerk suggested that I use the self-check to speed things along, and he even helped scan my first few items. The problem? He had to leave to help someone else, and I assumed that he put the bag of goods into the basket. It wasn't until I got home that I discovered that the bag he scanned was nowhere to be found What's worse: it wasn't a bag of incidentals but diet-related food. Fuck, fuck, fuckity, fuck!

Not even Another Hot Guy can make me feel better about this.

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I'm a frustrated wannabe artist. I so admire artists who can skillfully draw beautiful images; me, I can barely draw a stick figure that actually looks like a stick figure. That's why Adobe Photoshop has been such a godsend for artistically handicapped folks like myself. It's got powerful tools and a simple interface, and it allows me to feel as if I can sometimes express myself the way I wish I could without the software.

Which is a rather lengthy intro to this post. As a life-long fan of the Legion of Super-Heroes, I was pleased to run across a couple of Facebook groups devoted to the LSH. One of them is run by a Gay bear and is my favorite, even though at times the group seems more like an outlet for the guy's business (Bearded Shirts). It's okay though, because Eddie seems to be a pretty decent guy who goes out of his way for customers and who never overtly pushes his business onto members.

Anyway, Eddie often has contests for free stuff from his store (which has a large section devoted to the Legion), and one of the contests was to design a group banner for the month of October. Here's my entry.

It probably doesn't seem like much to the Average Joe, but I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. I used imagery from Adventure Comics #357 ("The Ghost of Ferro Lad"), but you can see from the attached cover that there was quite a bit of cleaning up to do on Curt Swan's original drawing. Then it was just a matter of finding the right background and type to use.

It remains to be seen if I'll win, but this wannabe artist is glad just to have contributed.

Now for Another Hot Guy.