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It's official: my father has turned into a little old lady — more specifically, his now-deceased mother. And I'm on record as having hated that fucking cunt, so dad's transformation is pushing all my buttons. I've already mentioned his complete lack of privacy boundaries, so I won't rehash that territory. What's been more and more noticeable of late is how dad has to snoop and pry into everything just like a little old lady. I had a bag of garbage that was to be thrown out, but dad had to intercept it and then go through the entire bag to see what I was throwing away. Worse, he snoops whenever I'm not around. I've noticed several items in the garage shuffled about for no reason other than he was sorting through the boxes to have a look-see.

I know this is a transition for him as well as me, but it's frustrating in the extreme. Over the past week I've taken care to preemptively put away anything that dad might take offense at, but I think that's going to stop. At this point I want him to uncover those dildos I keep for oral practice during one of his snooping sessions. That might convince him that privacy is something to be respected.

I had my initial meeting at the new dialysis clinic yesterday. It's quite a different set-up, as my former clinic was quite small and set up only for peritoneal dialysis; the new clinic is an actual center for both PD and hemodialysis patients. The people seem nice enough, but there are some troubling aspects. As a satellite office, this clinic is only open three days a week. More troubling still is that my insurance might not be as straightforward here in Oregon as it was in California. All of the financial thresholds for disability income are rather low (reflecting an Oregon culture and not one from California), which means I apparently don't qualify for state assistance. However, the new clinic was able to give me some phone numbers, one of which has led to a potential lead. The person who will handle my possible account is unfortunately out of town however, so I won't hear back from them until next week.

Now for Another Hot Guy.