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Dad is driving down to Salem today for his 67th (or something) high school reunion, so I have my first "me" time since moving into the house. I desperately need it, having spent every minute of the past week (give or take a few hours) with him. It's only going to last for a few hours, but I'm going to savor the time.

This is definitely going to be an adjustment for both of us. One big problem is that my dad has a temper fuse that's shorter than my little pinky. Really, the dexterity required to dance around his mood shifts is nothing short of amazing. I've also learned that the finer points of humor are lost on him. Maybe in time he'll come around, but for now I'm trying hard to keep all comments to myself lest they either fly over his head or set him off. I've no doubt that this is due to our vastly different straight/gay outlooks.

I feel good that we got the U-Haul truck unloaded yesterday and turned it in to the local subsidiary. That feels like a major accomplishment. I still have to paint the bedroom and then assemble the bed before I can get back into a semblance of a regular life, but I'm not forcing myself into any sort of timetable now that the trip is complete. Dad hasn't grumbled too much at my plans, which included moving the (very heavy) computer desk so that my back is no longer to the door. He still has no sense of privacy, but at least now I won't jump out of my skin every time he shows up and just starts talking behind me. And I'm once again using my own computer, which is a major plus.

On a slightly different note, there are an awful lot of hot bearded men up here. Of course, they're probably all straight and/or closeted due to this being the suburbs. In fact, I have yet to pick up any Gaydar pings. The manager of the new storage facility is a chubby bearded guy, and I got a bit of a tingle the other day when he put his hand on my shoulder. But that was just a crumb from a straight guy who probably doesn't think twice that his actions could be interpreted differently than he intended.

Now for Another Hot Guy.

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I've never missed the lack of blog entries here and on LJ as much as I have these past few days. Being a stranger in a stranger land has left me feeling rudderless, and not having the touchstone of reading friends' entries only compounds the problem. Sadly, my friends feed is down to about two or three folks who (like me) still try to post regularly, but that's not nearly enough. And no one contributes anything of importance to Facebook anymore (if they ever did to begin with).


Now for Another Hot Guy.