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This will almost certainly be my last entry from San Francisco. I'll be packing up the iMac and all the various peripheral devices tonight, and it's just too damned hard to make a post from my iPad. That could mean a gap between now and my next post, which will have to wait until I get the computer set up in my new location. Sigh.

I used Uber this morning to perform several chores (like taking the comforter in to be dry cleaned before I leave). I went ahead and used the "pool" function for the first time since that was the cheaper of the two (especially for one leg of my travels, where an Uber-X solo ride was about $10 more). The last thing I did was to stop by my dialysis clinic one final time to drop off a gift box of chocolates that I'd picked up at the local Ghirardelli Factory Outlet. I got to say goodbye to everyone, and I thanked them for getting me through the start of my PD treatment two and a half years ago. They're such a great bunch, and I'm really sad to have to leave them behind. I feel good about my new clinic, but I know that the experience won't be the same.

Time to get back to the final packing chores. I'm at an awkward stage because there are no more groceries on hand — I'm going to have to use Doordash just to get some meals!

See you on the other side. Wish me luck.

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