notmypresident: (Disgusted)
It started last night, that sick-to-my-stomach feeling that I know will be with me until Moving Day is over. Oh fuck, I'll probably still feel nauseous well after that, but for now I have to tell myself that things will get better. It's not an easy prospect to keep in mind, I can tell you.

Yesterday was a rather muddled mess. I'm convinced that the 15-foot U-Haul truck will not be big enough for all of my boxes and my bedroom furniture and my living room furniture. I tried calling U-Haul, who told me that I would have to cancel my current reservation for the 15' truck and make a new one for a 20' truck if I wanted a bigger truck. Not only would I lose the hold I currently have on the first truck, but there would be no guarantee that a 20' truck would be available locally on Wednesday. And since I'm going to have to rely on Uber to take me to pick up the damned truck, it felt like a huge risk to not know until Monday where and when I could pick up the larger truck.

In the end I bit the bullet and changed the reservation for a larger truck. If a 20' truck is unavailable, I'll have to hope that a 15' truck is waiting nearby. And if everything doesn't fit into the smaller truck, I'll just have to prioritize which things I will take and which I will leave behind. After all, these are just possessions and most of them can be replaced. Just not my new 4K TV — that's going, even if I have to strap it to my back.

I'm down to the final touches on packing for both my bedroom and the kitchen, two of the last major hurdles. I'm going to have to start unplugging my home theater system so I can get everything there boxed up. I've been holding off on that because I'm still relying on music and movies to calm my jangled nerves (admittedly, with varying degrees of success). I think I'll hold off on that last bit of work until Sunday night.

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