notmypresident: (Scott exasperated)
Ugh. So many things going wrong at the same time.

My dialysis machine is on the fritz, so the company behind it is overnighting me a new one.

I'm having a sugar crash at the worst possible time. To make matters worse, I have no food on hand that would give me an immediate boost. I'm going to have to take it easy and see how things go.

I was supposed to have blood work done today as required by my new clinic, but the lab that prepares the samples is located in Florida, and everything there is on hold because of Hurricane Irma. Several phone calls later led to my new clinic telling me that they'll temporarily overlook the requirement because until I arrive in Oregon.

Quite a bit of the packing is done, but I'm not as far along as I'd hoped. I'm finding it hard to stay motivated. I'm worried that the U-Haul truck I ordered is too small at only 15 feet. I should probably find out if a larger truck is available and how much extra that will be. Dad gets here next Tuesday, which is right around the corner.

Good lord.

Now for Another Hot Guy(s).