notmypresident: (Beef)
The heat wave continues. The last temperature that I saw for San Leandro was on the five o'clock news, and that registered as 100°. I realize that some might not blink twice over that reading, but considering that the Bay Area typically sees temperatures that are about 30° cooler for this time — well, our bodies just aren't used to it. To demonstrate how bad things are, I just sat down at my iMac and noticed a strange sound. It took me a minute to realize that it was the internal fan trying to cool my system down. I can't remember the last time that happened.

I feel as if I've been drained of all energy, despite drinking about twice as much fluids as I normally do. It's easy to lose moisture when you sweat just by kicking back and watching TV. And the situation is exacerbated by forest fire particulates being forced to ground level from the upper atmosphere. My eyes have not only been red and irritated from the bad air but also feel gravely tired. I read somewhere once that the eyes use a huge amount of one's body energy, so perhaps that's why I'm also feeling so bad.

Weather forecasts call for a lessening of the heat wave over the next few days, with the possibility of returning to seasonal norms by midweek. That won't help me recover these past few days of lost packing. I just can't seem to summon up the wherewithal to get more done in this oppressive heat. Fingers are crossed that the local meteorologists get their forecasts right for once.

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