notmypresident: (Betty Hutton Oooh)
Temperature records are being broken all over the area today. San Francisco not only saw the daily high temperature shattered but also the all-time hottest (it's now 104° in the Beautiful City by the Bay). Things are a little cooler over here in San Leandro, but at 101° it's hard to notice the difference. I've no air conditioning, so sitting in front of a fan is my best option. That, and a lot of ice water to keep myself hydrated. Doing just about anything starts me to sweating, so I've had to curtail my packing efforts and just put in the minimal effort. No heavy lifting, just wrapping breakables in bubble wrap. I'm going to have to do some work after sundown though if I want to make up for lost time.

Now to add to the heat with Felix Barca, Another Hot Guy.