notmypresident: (You talking to me?)
I've had pretty good luck when it comes to flying during my life (which has happened more than the average person). No serious mishaps or misadventures. That all changed on Sunday, however. The return flight from NYC was a clusterfuck of mistakes that led (when all was said and done) to a nearly six-hour delay.

Shit happens, of course. And if these were circumstances beyond anyone's control, I would only be mildly frustrated instead of outright angry. To start, San Francisco International Airport has been closing one of its two runways on Sundays for maintenance. This was a known factor, one which Virgin America could have taken into account when alerting travelers that all SFO flights would be delayed for two hours. They didn't, citing (at first) the popular "bad weather" excuse. It was not bad weather, and Virgin damn well knew it.

But then a cascade of problems struck. A plane scheduled to depart three hours before mine had to be taken out of service. To compensate, those fliers were given the next plane that was scheduled for takeoff. Then those fliers were given the plane for my flight. When it finally came time for my flight, there were no more planes available — except for one sitting next to a runway that necessitated busing all passengers to the site. We were told to report to a new airport gate (after having already relocated twice), and then we were put onto buses. But someone had forgotten to ensure that the plane itself was ready, and so we were kept standing on the buses until clearance was given. But hey, at least we had seats for the 30+ additional minutes it took to actually get underway. I was left wondering if we were put on the plane to wait just so Virgin could get out of distributing food vouchers (something that was mentioned but never realized).

Just amazing. And nothing besides plenty of "We're sorry for the delay" responses. Did I really just say that Virgin was my favorite airline? I should have known better.

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