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Today was one of those days you see pictured on postcards, where the weather was absolutely perfect and the men were even better.  I headed into the city early in the afternoon intent on shopping, but a phone call to [ profile] albadger garnered an invitation for me to join him and [ profile] bigredpaul at Dolores Park to take in the San Francisco Mime Troupe... so I did.  After finding a place to park in the Castro, I swung by Starbucks to pick up iced tea for us all and then made my way to the shady hillside to watch what is, not surprisingly, a very San Francisco experience.  The show wasn't so great, but it was such a pleasure to be outside with everyone.

We next made it to Tower Records, where I was able to snag a few CDs.  We were joined by [ profile] bigjohnsf and his two visiting friends, Johann and Erhling.  Such hot men!  I had to keep reminding myself that they'd only just arrived from Europe and that it would be wrong, wrong, wrong to throw myself at them.  But after tomorrow when they've had some rest, anything goes!!!  We ended up having an okay meal at Coming Home and were joined by [ profile] hardybear.  But the company was great even if the food wasn't, and I had a wonderful time.  It's so nice to be in the presence of good people.  I later dropped John and the boys off, shamelessly inviting myself to be a part of their time here in San Francisco.  Hint, hint.

The streets were full of men like the Favorite Bear of the Moment today, making me ultra-glad to be living here in the Beautiful City by the Bay!

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