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As part of the application process for the job of court reporter with the San Francisco Superior Court I received a phone call that they needed a copy of my Social Security card.  Not the number; the actual card.  My original card was stolen along with my wallet about 26 years ago and I never bothered to get a replacement.  So it was that I trundled over to the Berkeley SSA building, having downloaded the requisite form on the agency's Web site.

I was prepared for the worst, but was done in all of 10 minutes.  Everyone was very pleasant, and the clerk even went the extra distance for me.  When I asked if the paperwork she gave me would satisfy an employer until the actual card arrives, she printed out an additional document that, she said, would accomplish just that.  I was — dare I say it — impressed.  How often does one get to say that about a government employee?

Even more impressive was the fact that a BART employee had actually stepped up to the plate earlier.  When I parked at the BART garage, I noticed this fellow aimlessly walking about the top-most level in a heavy winter coat (it was cool, but not that cool).  I get very paranoid when I see folks like this in what is basically a deserted area.  I rode the elevator to the first floor, but went back up for a look see.  The guy had moved on, but was still wandering and, once again, went to the edge to look down once he saw me looking at him.  Although I expected to be rebuffed, I went to the BART booth and explained the situation.  To my surprise, the employee said "Please talk to this police officer and tell him what you just told me."  After I did exactly that, the officer said that it sounded like a harmless homeless person, but he went to check it out.  "Don't want any jumpers on my shift," he said.  I was really surprised and grateful that my information hadn't been shrugged off.

And now for an equally impressive Favorite Bear of the Moment, though (of course) in a much different way...

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