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Well, damn. I was feeling pretty good that I hadn't had a major fall in several weeks (allowing my knees to pretty much recover) when — of course — I had a big fall just a little while ago in the parking lot of Home Depot. Dad practically jumped me only a minute or two after I had just gotten up from a nap, "suggesting" that we go there now to accomplish my goal of getting rods for some of the Halloween decorations. I knew from his tone when I hesitated that I'd have to endure his pouty attitude for the rest of the day if I didn't agree with his timing, so off we went despite the fact that I was still a little wobbly on my feet. That, combined with the wet and uneven pavement in the HD parking lot, saw me hit the ground.

There were two notable aspects to the fall. The first was that I was instantly surrounded by concerned customers in the parking lot. I think there were six or seven people who were offering their assistance. And the parking lot wasn't really that busy, which means just about everyone who was there turned to help. The second aspect is that I was able to fall on one knee this time (time really does seem suspended when I have these falls). It didn't even feel like a bad fall... until I got home and saw that I had once again ripped a good chunk of skin off my knee. Sigh. I got the anti-bacterial soap (ouch) to clean the site and then bandaged it, using some Neosporin.

But hey, I did manage to snag those posts for my Halloween decorations! Now I just need to put up with dad's disapproving glares. He doesn't do any decorating and has made it crystal clear he's only "tolerating" the decorations I brought with me from California. Fuck him, it's Halloween — the Gayest Holiday of Them All!

Now for Another Hot Guy (x2).

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OMG! OMG! OMG! The announcement came today that one of my all-time favorite films is finally being released on Blu-ray.

I truly never thought that Warner Bros. would release a Blu-ray of Auntie Mame given that it's a cult/niche film. To be technical about it, it's a subsidiary of WB (Warner Archive Collection) that's bringing the movie that every gay man should see to Blu. WAC is responsible for handling the second-tier WB catalog on Blu, and it's been releasing a broad variety of titles that cater to the straight male audience. Lots of war movies. Lots of gangster movies. Lots of horror movies. Very few Joan Crawford movies. Very few Bette Davis movies. I get the necessity for WAC to approach its release strategy this way, I do. It's just that there are so many classic films that straight men would never watch that deserve to be upgraded to HD, which makes me appreciate this Auntie Mame announcement that much more. I'm tempted to buy two copies just to support WAC's decision.

I'm not kidding when I say that every Gay man should see this movie at least once in their lives; it definitely lands in my personal Top 5 Gay films. Rosalind Russell is an absolute force of nature in the title role (she really should have won the Oscar for this performance), but the entire cast runs on all cylinders throughout. The movie was based on the Broadway stage version of the book (by Gay author Edward Patrick Tanner III) and became the highest-grossing film of 1959. Mind you, this was all before the production was turned into the musical that so many Gay men know (as well as the ill-fated Lucille Ball remake). And none of those productions would have been possible if the source material weren't as great as it is.

What a wonderful surprise!

And now for Another Hot Guy (x2).

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I'm not a fan of tattoos. I'd never get one myself, simply because the damned things are permanent (or nigh-near impossible to remove). And I doubt that any design I come up with today would be a design I'm still happy with ten years from now — or even five, for that matter. If I did get a tattoo, it would be a simple one that was as tasteful and discrete as possible. A small Tubular Bells logo, for instance, as my love of all things Mike Oldfield has been with me since 1973. Or maybe even the "L" flight ring logo from the Legion of Super-Heroes since my love for all things Legion has been around even longer than my discovery of Mr. Oldfield. And any tat would certainly be nothing like the body art some men cover themselves with. I frankly can't understand turning one's body into a canvas that will be with you until the day you die.

I do get the biggest kick though from guys with tats on Tumblr who go to the trouble of blurring or cropping out their face in an attempt to protect their identity, never realizing that their tats are just about as identifiable as a face pic. I seem to recall that in the early days of the Great Tattoo Revival a lot of men were going for generic Celtic designs; these days, tats are highly individualized and make identification in dick pics easier — face or no face. Word to the wise, gentlemen.

Now for Another Hot Guy (x2).

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Caturday, the first day this week that I've had the house to myself. Dad's hours at the golf course are curtailed during the winter months, which means he's now working out there but once a week. Still, it's enough time for me to get my laundry done and clean my room in privacy.

Feeling a bit better. It helps my nausea to eat, so I've kissed the diet goodbye. I've been able to hold my weight at around the 240 mark (some days less, some days more), but I've rescheduled my NutriSystem to begin again in November and that's when I plan to re-commit to losing weight. It won't really give me a lot of time to drop pounds before the Palm Springs Sexcation in December, but I'll give it the ol' college try.

Really enjoyed watching Get Out. It's not only smart but full of unexpected twists and surprises. I never really knew where the plot was going at any point, which made it entirely unpredictable. And when's the last time you could say that about a horror movie made in the past ten years? Big thumbs up.

Last night was the third episode for Season 2 of "The Exorcist." It was a slow-burn episode that was more about setting characters in place, but I thought it was nicely handled. I especially enjoyed the nods to long-time fans of the original book — when the mother in this episode began talking about her ex moving to Europe and her daughter having an invisible childhood friend, it was easy to see where that plot was headed. But instead of being a throwaway episode, it all seems to have been part of a greater storyline as the daughter (along with the two priests and CPS agent) are now headed to join John Cho's foster family on the island. With the focus no longer split between those two storylines, I expect the action to pick up considerably.

Time to go fold the laundry. I think I'll also get into the Halloween decorations to install new batteries and make sure everything's working.

Which bring me to Another Hot Guy.

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Wonky weather here in Portland. Brief showers followed by brief sunshine followed by hail and thunderstorms, with the cycle repeating over and over again.

It turns out my decision not to go to the Octobear Crawlr dinner last night was a wise one, as I'm feeling even worse today. I suspect the culprit may have been an unexpected double dose of my neuropathy medication, which was responsible in the past for the nausea and vertigo I'm experiencing today. I tried explaining to dad how the lack of kidney function prevents my body from getting rid of medications in the blood as rapidly as those with normal kidney functions, but I think it went over his head. This will pass once I'm able to finally excrete the overdose, but it will probably take another day or so.

Which means I'm about to spend the rest of the day in bed. Amazon had a sale on 4K HD titles, so I picked up three I'd not bought before for $50, giving me something to watch while I'm recovering. I'm really looking forward to Get Out.

And now it's POURING rain. Sheesh.

Time for Another Hot Guy (x2).

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Tonight was to be my first attempt at soliciting meeting some of the local bear folks at a monthly dinner, but — surprise! — I'm 99% certain that I won't be going. And I'm not even going to blame the rainy weather on this one, though that certainly is a contributing factor. Nor can I point an accusatory finger at my inner shyness because that isn't the primary reason either. Truth to tell, I'm feeling more than a little crappy. I slept horribly last night because of a clinic appointment this morning, and I haven't been able to shrug off the leaden feeling that lack of sleep always brings on. And the last thing I want to feel when meeting new people is leaden.

I will admit that I'm struggling to adjust to my new settings. The big blowout yesterday with dad seems to have created a dark cloud that's been hanging over me. The PD nurse at the clinic saw my state of mind, asked me what was wrong, and then told me that it will likely to take a while before I acclimate. She also mentioned how I'll probably never feel comfortable as an adult living in the parent's home. I'd sarcastically "thank" her for the observation if not for the fact that she's absolutely right. But this is my situation right now, so I'm going to have to make the best of it.

On a different subject, what the fuck is going on with the Gay bears here? Dad took me to a shop yesterday to pick up bird feed for the coming winter. Both of the guys who work at the shop were bearded; one was definitely straight, but the burly one was definitely Gay. I tried to engage in conversation, to catch his eye in a I-Know-You-Are glance, but... nothing! Nada. Zilch. Huh? It's enough to make me question whether anyone up here ever admits to being a Gay Bear!

Sigh. To make up for that, here's Another Hot Guy (x2).

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Had a ha-yuuuuge argument with dad this morning. It remains a major thorn in my side that he can't grasp the concept of agreeing to set times. I needed to get some groceries this morning but knew that dad had an appointment around noon, so asked him if he thought it would be possible to head to Fred Meyer beforehand. He said sure, and I asked him what time he (important distinction there) thought we should go to ensure he would make his appointment. We agreed on a time. I asked him if he thought that was enough time to accomplish both tasks, and he said "yes."

So this morning he started to bitch as he was getting ready to leave about "not having enough time." It set me off. "I asked you yesterday if there was enough time and you said yes! If you felt we should leave earlier, you should have said so yesterday!!! I was yelling at this point, set off by this recurring issue. Dad always agrees to something and then either changes his mind at the last minute or bitches about it for the next 24-48 hours.

It got pretty ugly, and dad still has that tone in his voice that says he's not happy. I worry that he will bring up the fact that we're really not compatible in this living situation — he's clearly unhappy that I sometimes challenge his authority and will not back down on what I feel is important to me — but he seems unwilling to broach that topic so far. He would certainly have to subsidize any rent that I would have to pay were I to move out, and he might just come to the conclusion that that would be best. I think he could afford it, but I hate the thought that I would be reliant on him for part of my rent.

Sigh. Who knew I'd be going through this at my age???

Even though I'm not in the mood, here's Another Hot Guy.

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As usual, I've been late to the listening party. I just came across Todrick Hall's take on The Wizard of Oz, given a modern take while he was obviously wearing Gay-Tinted Glasses. I'm not sure how I missed "Straight Outta Oz" when it was released last year — well, except for the fact that I thought the play on words for the title meant that the project was a rap album. Given rap's predominantly homophobic, misogynistic, and generally hate-filled take on things, I avoid the genre like a plague. But I should apologize to Mr. Hall not only for missing out on what was obviously a personal and heart-filled project, but also for not having realized that I'd heard his music before: he wrote and can be seen in Virgin America's in-flight safety video, a piece I also quite admire.

I think I also missed out on the album's release because it was only available as low-quality MP3s via iTunes. I cannot find a physical copy (or a hi-rez FLAC edition) to save my life. Even as I write this, I haven't purchased the album because I hate the thought of paying for MP3s; these days, I either rip direct from a CD or purchase the FLAC edition. But I love "Straight Outta Oz" so much that I'm this close to breaking my own rule on MP3s.

Right now my current track on the album is "Black & White" (no, not the Michael Jackson song).

But let's face it, his duet with RuPaul on "Low" is a classic.

Now for Another Hot Guy.

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Looks as if my Halloween banner for the Legion of Super-Heroes Facebook page didn't win the October contest.

I wouldn't mind so much if not for the fact that the guy who runs the page swapped out the current banner for one previously used. I mean, ouch! That's adding insult to injury, IMHO. And this, only a short while after having PM'd him to ask about the contest.

Ah, well.

Now for Another Hot Guy.

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Whenever I visited my dad on previous trips, I was always amazed at how quiet it was outside of his house. Sitting on the backyard deck, I would enjoy (weather permitting) spending time there to enjoy the lack of noise. It would be quiet and still enough that one could hear pine cones dropping from the enormous evergreens that framed the edge of his yard.

But, as they say, that was then and this is now. I spent some time on the deck this afternoon, surprised that the once-quiet world I'd always admired had become something of squawk fest. From the constant cawing of crows to the horns of unseen drivers to the barking of frantic dogs, dad's back yard was no longer that quiet calm I'd always thought it to be.

Why this has happened, I can't really say. Birds were always a part of the backyard, but never have I noticed so many crows screaming at one another in what sounds like a Black Bird Apocalypse. Traffic in these parts has always been a problem, but today it sounded as if every man, woman, and child behind the wheel had just discovered the car horn (and was prepared to use it). As for the dogs, well... it's as if an ASPCA chapter had a neighborhood chapter and everyone has opted to adopt the most vocal pooches found within.

Perhaps the sounds were always there and I just didn't notice them, coming from a busy and noisy California. I don't think that's it, however; I haven't really had enough time to acclimate. I guess the real reason I'm suddenly taking note of this cacophony will remain a mystery.

Now for Another Hot Guy.

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One of the finishing touches for my bedroom was installing the 25-foot LED strips to the underside of the bed frame. It's the same set-up that I had back in San Francisco, which makes the room feel that much more comfy and familiar. The LED lights themselves remain out of sight so that all one sees is the glow on the floor beneath. It's a bit like the bed is floating on a sea of neon light.

Although the lights have pre-programmed effects, I keep mine set to slowly dissolve from color to color. The effect reminds me of Christmas tree color wheels, something I was enchanted by when I was a young Gay kid. While my own family would never use a color wheel (or even an artificial tree), I used to love watching them on display in department stores or at a friend's house (though it was usually the former, as I didn't have many childhood friends). There was an endless fascination for me regarding color, something that still continues some 50 years later. Ironically, I've never used a color wheel as an adult; the pattern of green Christmas trees and white Christmas lights set by my father still holds sway. But that's probably a good thing. I would most likely never leave the living room were I to install a color wheel on my own Christmas tree.

And now for Another Hot Guy.

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I was up early this morning, but not really by choice. Dad had told me that the person who cleans his house every two weeks would be coming by today and so I needed to out of my bedroom by 9:00. Which translates to getting up at 8:00 because it takes an extra half hour for me to disconnect from my dialysis machine (I always do a lengthy final drain after my nightly program). So, a little sleepy this a.m.

I did manage to get most of my speakers hooked up yesterday, but I'm still unable to run my amplifier's speaker set-up program. My new subwoofer hooks up differently than my old one, so I needed to order a new cable from Amazon. I suppose I could have asked dad to drive me to the local Best Buy, but that would mean having to listen to him bitch about the weekend traffic. Not gonna happen. I do feel a sense of accomplishment though about completing the most arduous aspect of the rear channel speaker wires — i.e., affixing the wires across and up and down and across again to all of the doors and windows in the room. Sheesh, what I won't do for a little surround sound!

Nothing on the agenda today other than to hope for warmer weather so I can sit outside and read Armistead Maupin's new book, Logical Family.

Now for Another Hot Guy.

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It's been a glorious dad-free morning thanks to his Saturday shift at the golf course. I've been doing chores around the house as speedily as possible to avoid his snooping, but it's been kind of fun. I don't know when he'll return, so I've been working from 7:00 this morning. I'm almost finished — as witnessed by my taking the time to write this entry — and then all that's left to do will be running speaker wires to the remaining surround speakers. Yesterday saw the delivery of both my new center speaker and subwoofer, so I have all the necessary pieces in place now. And with all of the painting accomplished and posters hung, I'm about 98% finished with the makeover of my two rooms.

My trip to the theater on Friday was part dad/part Uber, and the experience taught me that I'm going to have to start using Lyft if I want (a) more available drivers, and (b) cheaper fares. I automatically selected Uber for my ride home from the theater, but it was a 15-minute wait and the only option was the more-expensive Uber XL ride. While waiting, I fired up the Lyft app and saw that there were three drivers on the platform with a 5-minute wait at a much cheaper price. Grrr. On the way back, I talked to my Uber driver about the situation in Beaverton, and she agreed that Lyft had more drivers and was cheaper. Okay, lesson learned. My next need for a ride service is next Thursday and the BearCrawlr event in east Portland I'm planning to attend. If I don't chicken out, that is.

Time to finish up my laundry. Which brings me to Another Hot (Caturday) Guy.

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Today was the big day, the opening of Blade Runner 2049. To say that I've been looking forward to this release for a long time is a bit of an understatement. I'm a huge fan of the original Ridley Scott film (even in all its different edits), and the trailer for the sequel led me to believe that things were on the right track some 35 years later.

I wasn't disappointed. While I believe the movie will fail to reach that large American audience looking for a fast-paced action piece, Blade Runner 2049 is going to stand the test of time as a worthy follow-up to a classic film. The actual plot of the movie (no spoilers here) is rather lightweight; what carries the movie is a cast that is astoundingly good. Harrison Ford in particular does an incredible job. There's no doubting that he's once again inhabiting the character he played in the original. I could seriously see him garner an Academy Award nomination for Supporting Actor if the movie doesn't completely tank at the boxoffice (the Oscars typically ignore boxoffice failures). The rest of the cast hold their own, particularly Syliva Hoeks as Luv.

I think the film will also be honored with Oscar nominations for a variety of technical areas, including Art Direction, Visual Effects, Cinematography and Sound. Blade Runner obviously set a lot of trends back in its day, and Blade Runner 2049 ups the ante. Really, it's that impressive. I didn't get a big bang from the 3D effects, but that wasn't a terrible misstep. I'll be seeing this most often in 4K UHD in any event, a format that doesn't support 3D.

The one disappointment was with the film's musical score. Original composer Vangelis was not brought back for the sequel, but the new score evokes his music at every turn. I kept thinking "Why the hell didn't they just pay the extra bucks and get Vangelis back?!?" Tsk, tsk. I understand that the first score for Blade Runner 2049 by Jóhann Jóhannsson was rejected, so there was obviously some confusion about what would work best. What's heard here is surprisingly sparse — fitting, but sparse.

So, a big thumbs up for me even if (again) I doubt U.S. audiences will take to it. It's a thinking man's movie, and Americans today seem to want not to think. Fingers are crossed.

Now for Another Hot Guy.

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Superfruit continues to release videos for each of the tracks on "Future Friends," much to my delight. I'm a little embarrassed to be such a fan of the group — I'm nearly 60, after all, and they're kids in their 20s who wouldn't give me the time of day were we to meet on the street. Nevertheless, I love their first album, and most every song on it is a winner. The only real disappointment is the lack of dance remixes, but I suppose Mitch and Scott are spending their dough on the videos and not remix producers.

"Deny U" is the latest video, released today. It's simple, but effective and toys with the fan speculation that the two best friends are an actual item.

Now for Another Hot Guy.

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My first trip to the Beaverton Costco today. It went fairly well, considering there were only a handful of Kamikaze Soccer Moms barreling down the aisles there. In SF, Costco is mostly made up of arrogant asswipes who are only interested in themselves — which makes for unpleasant shopping experiences, to be sure. Here, everything was much more languid and the workers actually helpful. When my old Costco card came up "inactive" at the register, the bearded cashier (yes, I went for him automatically) had no qualm about holding my cart for me while I went to find dad. And as we walked out, there was no line at the membership counter and so I stopped by to have my name added to dad's account. It all took about five minutes to arrange and won't cost either of us a penny.

I was pretty wiped out by the time we got home, a situation not helped by my not having eaten up to that point (2:00 p.m.). I was feeling weak and dizzy, so dad offered to take me over to McDonalds. It wouldn't have been my first choice, but I've learned not to counter dad's suggestions. If he comes up with McDonalds, that means he ONLY wants to go to McDonalds (even if he says he'll go anywhere you want). Any deviation evokes the Christian Martyr Sigh, and I was in no mood for that. So, my one meal today was McDonalds.

After eating, I made the decision to go ahead with my sexcation to Palm Springs this December. After my sudden eviction and relocation, I was pretty much convinced that the trip was no longer feasible. After all, I'd made nonrefundable reservations from San Francisco, and when I initially checked for flights from Portland to Palm Springs the cost was around $400. But on a whim, I checked today and saw that the price had dropped to only $220. A bargain! I immediately booked the new flight and am now looking forward to a quick trip to reinvigorate my libido. I won't have reached my target weight by then, but I hope to add another 10 pounds to the 27 pounds I've already dropped.

Maybe then I'll be presentable for Another Hot Guy.

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Today was a work day for dad, so I woke up early to enjoy a bit of private time in the house. I've quickly switched my routine to accomplish tasks — such as laundry or getting rid of trash — whenever dad is out of the house as a way to prevent him from snooping. Imagine my surprise then when dad came through the front door just as I was heading into the kitchen for some coffee.

It turns out that dad had woken up feeling dizzy and nauseous this morning, but had headed to the golf course for work despite these symptoms. He really is his own worst enemy. That he had the sense to tell his employers that he should head back home is nothing short of a miracle. Dad explained to me that he was no longer feeling the dizziness, but he still called his doctor for an appointment. Much to my surprise, the office said there was a 2:30 appointment available today, so he'll be heading out later.

I took dad's blood pressure and it was only slightly elevated. To a layperson such as myself it all sounds rather like a minor transitory heart event (he had several stints implanted a few years ago), but I'm not that worried. I volunteered to come with him to the doctor, but he vetoed that idea. I asked him to call me on my cell phone should the doctor want to admit him for observation. It seems an unlikely event, but it could happen.

Wouldn't it be ironic if I moved back home only to see my father die two weeks later? Stranger things have happened, I suppose.

Now for Another Hot Guy.

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Now that the home theater system is semi-installed (still waiting for the first of the month so I can afford a new center channel and subwoofer which fit the room), I've been able to catch some TV — just in time for Fall premieres!

"Will & Grace" the other night was fun, but not quite as much fun as I was expecting. The trip to the White House had some nice zingers (though at this point, Trump jokes feel a tad tired) but the story was rather forced. Karen and Jack — always the best part of the show — were kept somewhat off-stage, but they both had some choice moments. The show's creators may have felt the need to open the show up (hence the trip to D.C.), but I doubt they'll be doing that very often. I'll be watching on Thursdays even though that's the only show I'll be watching that night.

Friday saw the premiere of the second season for "The Exorcist." Boy, there's a sentence I never thought I'd be typing! I was shocked when I read that the show was returning; the first half of last season was pretty good, but I felt the show lost its way once the "shocking twist" was revealed. Anyway, I enjoyed last night's episode. It nicely set up what's happened to the two central priests, who are now demon hunting in the Pacific Northwest six months after meeting Regan MacNeil. Of course the new location leaves the demonic Chicago coven from the first season in the dark, but perhaps cast cost-cutting led to this development. The premiere also introduced a house of foster children on the remote wooded island, some of whom are already marked for trouble. What is it about demons and children? In any event, the show nicely whetted my appetite for more, so I'll be making it a regular on my limited viewing schedule.

Now for Another Hot Caturday Guy.

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It appears that LiveJournal is no longer sending me email notifications whenever someone comments on an entry there. The site no longer cross-posts to Facebook, so I guess the lack of emails is just another nail in LJ's coffin. Apologies to anyone who may have remarked on one of my entries there without receiving a reply (something I try to do for every comment).

Now for Another Hot Caturday Guy.

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I spent about two hours yesterday talking with a volunteer from an Oregon program about Medicare and what I will have to do to continue receiving medical insurance here. Medicare, of course, only covers 80% of major medical costs and doesn't pick up a dime for medications. While I lived in California, the state's MediCal program covered everything for me so that I had zero out-of-pocket expenses when it came to my medical care. Well, I don't qualify for Oregon's Medicaid program, so I'm going to have to pay for a MediGap policy for the extra 20% of major medical costs as well as an additional policy to cover prescriptions. All told, it will be about an additional $300 for me every month — and that's not including the deductibles. This should be fun.

The transition of living in my dad's house continues. Dad is having a tough time adapting to someone else living in his space, and I'm trying to be cognizant of that. The tough part is that dad can't express himself outright. He almost always says what he thinks he should say, even when it's contrary to what he actually wants. When that happens, he'll agree to the proposition but follow it with a very loud Christian Martyr Sigh. The other night at Olive Garden dad asked to be seated in a particular area but the hostess wanted to seat us elsewhere. "That's fine," dad said before letting loose with a Christian Martyr Sigh. I stepped up and said "No, if you want to sit in that section, let's wait." Dad then glared at me and we got into a mild argument about speaking up for yourself. It's very frustrating.

I know that I'm going to have to reach out and meet some of the local bears if I'm going to survive this new situation. That's a scary proposition, seeing as how I'm not the most sociable person out there. The biggest impediment is that Uber is unexpectedly expensive in this neck of the woods. A trip to the local light rail station, which is only about a mile and a half away, runs about $8.00 at its cheapest — and that's amazing when you consider the short distance! I'm working on getting enrolled in the handicapped program for Portland's transit agency so that a minivan can pick me up at the house, but I'm not sure if I can still use the light rail if I sign up for a program that lists the inability to use the light rail as a criteria. We'll see.

Now for Another Hot Caturday Guy.


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