notmypresident: (Garbo Alone)
One of the biggest surprises stemming from being unemployed and depressed is just how quickly time passes. There are times when I'll look up at the clock and be fucking amazed that most of the day has already passed without my really having done much of anything.

The other surprise is how difficult it is to do something -- anything. There are always little things to do, but it sometimes seems as if I have to drum up the willpower to do even the slightest of chores. I consider it a minor miracle that I'm pushing myself to get on the treadmill every day (two miles today). But with the LA/Disneyland trip coming up fast, I have a goal that's helping me in that department. Everything else is a major effort to complete, however. Who knew?

Too bad the favorite Bear of the Moment isn't here to give me a good swift kick in the hairy ass…

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