notmypresident: (Kissing Superheroes)
I dipped my toes into the world of digital comics last week. There seems to be a certain inevitability associated with electronic distribution of comics and the end of print versions. It's pure profit for the comic companies, of course. No print costs. No distribution costs. No returns costs. I'm sure the pencil pushers are drooling at the prospect.

I'm impressed with the several issues I've picked up so far, though I have to say that's probably the result of viewing them on my new iMac. The display is so fucking incredible that the artwork just shines, even at full display. Double-page spreads are particularly impressive, and the type poses no problems whatsoever. Plus, I can do screen grabs without having to scan.

But still… at this point I only plan to purchase issues that I wouldn't buy an actual issue of. I'm an old fart and like to have a real comic in my hands. Add to that the fact that Comixology doesn't provide a downloadable version of my "purchase." I have to go to their site to read an issue I've bought, so if they go out of business or change their policy, I'm fucked.

Like the Favorite Bear of the Moment, I prefer the real thing to a virtual copy…