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Better late than never: I’m just now getting around to jotting down some thoughts about Mr. Cincinnati’s visit a few weeks ago. It certainly was a unique experience for me. Reading blogs over all these years has given me the impression that it’s not all that uncommon for folks to play host to visitors they hardly know. This was a first for me, however. Mr. Cincinnati wound up staying with me for just over a week, which is a really long time to spend with someone, especially considering we’d only spent a few hours together from his previous visit well over two years ago.

Sheesh, re-reading that sentence makes the whole idea seem somewhat insane. Thankfully, things actually did work out in the long run. Since we’d played on what was his last night in San Francisco two years ago, I already knew that he was hot. And I knew he was nice. I was surprised that he was also quite sweet. But we both had our personal deflector shields on, so an emotional distance was kept up throughout his stay. That was frustrating for me at times. I generally mistrust people when it comes to social niceties, so I was left unsure as to whether or not Mr. Cincinnati actually had a good time or was simply going through the motions because he had a place to stay.

The gods know I did my best as hostess. I wanted to ensure that the things we did reflected an “only in San Francisco” experience as much as I could. So we saw lots of local San Francisco theater. “Don’t Ask” and “Anita Bryant Died For Your Sins” were shows we saw at the New Conservatory. “Beach Blanket Babylon” was a given, as was “Pearls Over Shanghai.” We ate out a lot, but I also got to serve him breakfast and lunch here at the house. And the snuggling in bed was a real highlight. Mr. Cincinnati is not only covered in fur but also has a high metabolism which causes him to exude heat. Spooning with him made me swoon every single time — there’s nothing quite like the life-size equivalent of a big furry hot water bottle wrapped around you every night! But there were some communication breakdowns at a couple of points, and I even slept on the couch one night because I thought that’s what he wanted (I was back in bed the next night, however). I had a good time with him when all was said and done, so I guess that’s what really matters. He certainly didn’t ask to leave after the first day. He later admitted that he’d had a hotel reservation as a backup in case things didn’t work out, so I guess I should take that as a positive sign.

I wish that I didn’t try so hard to impress people by being The Perfect Host, and perhaps this post can serve to remind me of that should I ever find myself in a similar situation. But I don’t think I’m likely to repeat this scenario in the near future.

Okay, enough. Time for the Favorite Bear of the Moment.

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