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From Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks (Second Edition):  Always wear a T-shirt while exercising, especially during summer months.

I didn't exercise yesterday (shopping counts as exercise, doesn't it?) and so I pushed myself hard on the treadmill this afternoon — after a morning of procrastination.  I cranked both the incline (5.0) and the speed (4.0) for a solid 45 minutes.  After my cool-down period, my total calories burned was 550.

But my shorts were wet well before then.  No — more than that:  they were dripping wet, as if I'd just come from a pool.  Without a T-shirt to absorb all that manly sweat, there was only one place for it to collect.  It's not a fun sensation to be finishing up your last few minutes on the treadmill with your shorts sloshing between your legs.  But hey, 550 calories in 55 minutes!  Go me!

I had a dream last night that everyone in San Francisco — everyone — had moved away and that I was the only person left.  So, if my brain were my friend, I would have dreamed that everyone had moved away except for me and the Favorite Bear of the Moment...

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A friend can't understand how I want as little to do with my roommate-slash-ex as possible, even to the point of sharing food or anything else he might consider "his."  One of the reasons my ex felt compelled to announce that he was moving out was because he felt I was a drain on his financial resources.  He was, of course, not taking into account that money was being spent by the both of us for the both of us.  Okay, fine.  It would be nice to share while we're still roommates, but I'm not going to contribute to his skewed view of our situation.

So I was out and about today picking up baking supplies for myself.  I plan on making my staple (ginger snap cookies) for this weekend's Oaktown 8's picnic, and for that I needed some relatively fresh ginger.  I called a local natural food store and was told that, yes, they had some powdered ginger in bags.  Of course, when I got there they had no such thing.  I was trying to avoid prepackaged containers in my quest for freshness, but that's what I ended up buying.  Hey, at least it's organic.  A stop at the local supermarket allowed me to pick up all the other ingredients, and a visit to Target saw me picking up some mixing bowls (I'd given up pretty much everything of my own in a yard sale when the two of us moved in together).  I managed to accomplish all of this in a relatively short time but only because I was able to steer around the slow-movers in various stores.

My treadmill session this morning burned off 445 calories.  I don't plan on doing a second session today because I'm off to the Oaktown 8's for their regular dance night.  There's no way to measure how many calories I'll burn off there — and it certainly can't match what I would accomplish on the treadmill — but every little bit helps.

And boy, would I like to "help" this daddy bear with what he obviously has on his mind...

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I'm not much of a social butterfly, so it's rare when I run into the dilemma of having scheduled two things to do on the same night.  Egads!  As it happens, I plan to make a quick appearance at a picnic on Saturday before heading back into the city to meet up with a friend.  I'm not sure if Ms. Manners would handle it that way, but that's the way I'm going to handle it.  And I'm bringing cookies to the picnic, so that should help.

I hopped on the treadmill this evening for another day of double workouts.  I must say that these second sessions really leave me sweating like a pig.  And I mean an all-over sweat, as if I'd been in a sauna for an hour or so.  I'm guessing that the first workout revs up my metabolism while the second sends it into overdrive.  I'm being careful not to overdo it — wouldn't want to hurt anything — but even after only two days of this new routine I can feel a difference.  I should have doubled up long ago.  Tonight's session burned 400 calories, bringing today's total to 825.

I also downloaded another song from iTunes, "Rage!" by the group Chromeo.  It's currently featured in a TV commercial for McDonalds/Sony PSP (a cross promotion), and it's been a bit of an ear worm for me.

One last Favorite Bear of the Moment before I hit the sack.

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Last night I dreamt about the Apocalypse.  I dunno why — perhaps in response to the Extinction Level Event taking place in Sunstorm or the fact that I've just been so fucking depressed and down on the world of late.  It certainly wasn't related to religion; I haven't a shred of belief in God (I don't believe in the Boogie Man either), though I think humanity's need for a higher power is fascinating.

So there I was, dreaming about the end of the world.  My dreams (the ones I remember, at any rate) always tend to be incredibly detailed, and this was no exception.  I don't remember much in the way of specifics, but there was a particularly nasty "angel" sent ahead to torment and tease all of those who would not survive.  I remember that the Jesus figure was dead set about ending it all — "Take this cup" all over again — but that it was clear it was gonna happen.  I forced myself to wake up and end the damned thing before it got to that point, however.  There was much swooping and flying through the air in a cool sort of way (flying dreams are supposed to be pleasurable), but it was still a strange experience.

I postponed lunch with my court reporting friend until tomorrow.  I realized I needed to do a couple of things in the city, and it just didn't make sense for me to go in two days in a row when one trip would suffice.

Another treadmill session this morning knocked off 425 calories.  Go me.  I probably could have done twice as much had I a personal trainer like the Favorite Bear of the Moment...

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I should really post more about my treadmill sessions.  As is the case with my sex blog, I need to have entries that I can look back on to realize that I'm not doing nearly as poorly as my mind tells me I am. 

Today was a good example.  Although I knew I needed to do a light routine — Donna Summer's Four Seasons of Love cycled nearly twice through — I still cranked the incline angle and managed to burn off 460 calories in just over 50 minutes even at the slower 3.6mph pace.  What's important for me to realize is that even though I dubbed this an "easy" session, it actually accomplished something.  A very subdued "woo-hoo" for the spent chubby guy.

And yes, imagining a furry Favorite Bear of the Moment like this standing at the end of my virtual road to a better body definitely helps to motivate as well.