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With anxiety growing about tomorrow's new start, I desperately wanted to turn off my mind this afternoon and just sit back to enjoy a classic movie -- preferably one that was an epic and lasting, oh, say about four hours.  What I came up with instead was:

The Stand is probably the best adaptation of a Stephen King novel -- which also happens to be my favorite work of his — but its six-hour running time limits the opportunities I have to enjoy it in its entirety.  Except for a day like today when I just need to tune out for an extended period of time, that is.  I really do think this 1994 miniseries was an extraordinary accomplishment, even if the last act falls apart completely.  I'm very moved by more than a few moments, and I've always thought that the performance by Ruby Dee was spot on.  It's a shame that early CGI effects were used for situations that should have been left to the imagination, but hey — they probably thought it was necessary to attract viewers.  But I just spent six hours revisiting "The Stand," and never once did I look at the clock wondering when it would be over (even with the cheesy CGI effects).

So now I'm left with calls to friends to express just how scared shitless I am about tomorrow.  And of course, being good friends, they not only realize that "You'll do fine" is the thing to say but also that there's nothing they can really say to help.  And so long as they know I appreciate their support regardless, everything is fine.  I certainly know that I'll make it through tomorrow, but that doesn't help relieve the dread.  I mean, what if some showoff judge decides to read the Declaration of Independence into the record at 300 words per minute???  Yeah, I know that's not going to happen — but my brain refuses to let me off the hook.

I came across the trailer for The Transporter 2 tonight while surfing the Internet.  I know that (a) Jason Statham isn't usually my type, and (b) I've used his pic once before.  But I found myself lusting for him all over again while viewing the trailer, and that's why he's my Favorite (Sort-Of) Bear of the Moment.  Mind you, I've never actually seen a movie he's been in, but the trailers do nicely.

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