notmypresident: (H.F. Mudd)
I've had a blast these past few days spending time with Erling and Johan, who are visiting from Denmark and Sweden (respectively) and staying with [ profile] bigjohnsf for the two weeks they're here in San Francisco.  There was a conference in San Diego this week which most of the San Francisco judges went to, so there was no need for the City to hire pro tems like myself.  It was a great bit of timing since it meant that I was free to be with The Scandinavians.

It's always a pleasure to experience San Francisco through the eyes of visitors.  My jaded perspective gets tossed out the window when little things which I take for granted are a source of delight for folks like The Scandinavians.  And you would have to look really, really hard to find two nicer folks.  Erling seems to be so aware of the people and things around him, and it strikes me that he's trying to be considerate of everything.  Johan is... well, at this point just about everyone on the planet knows that I think Johan is just a big bundle of furry hotness, so I needn't go on and on about him.  He's the quieter of the two, but he always has this twinkle in his eye which reminds me of that old line about still waters running deep.

In any event, I've been lucky enough to get to know The Scandinavians and to also show them around a bit on my own.  Yesterday was particularly busy — these boys are single-handedly boosting the American economy.  We managed to accomplish quite a few of the "To Do" items on their list, after which [ profile] bigjohnsf drove over to my side of the bay to join us for dinner and a movie at my house.  I was particularly pleased that The Scandinavians got to see my place while they were there.  I was able to unleash my Inner Hostess, which is always fun.  When it came time for goodbyes, I was actually a little sad.  I realized that The Scandinavians will be shifting into another phase of their vacation, one which involves other folks and other experiences.  I probably won't see much of them from here on out, but I hope that they leave with enough fond memories so that they feel a little sad about leaving us all behind.  Damn them for living so far away!!! 

Oh, well.  I'll always have the Favorite Bear of the Moment!