notmypresident: (Radioaktive Mensch)
A friend can't understand how I want as little to do with my roommate-slash-ex as possible, even to the point of sharing food or anything else he might consider "his."  One of the reasons my ex felt compelled to announce that he was moving out was because he felt I was a drain on his financial resources.  He was, of course, not taking into account that money was being spent by the both of us for the both of us.  Okay, fine.  It would be nice to share while we're still roommates, but I'm not going to contribute to his skewed view of our situation.

So I was out and about today picking up baking supplies for myself.  I plan on making my staple (ginger snap cookies) for this weekend's Oaktown 8's picnic, and for that I needed some relatively fresh ginger.  I called a local natural food store and was told that, yes, they had some powdered ginger in bags.  Of course, when I got there they had no such thing.  I was trying to avoid prepackaged containers in my quest for freshness, but that's what I ended up buying.  Hey, at least it's organic.  A stop at the local supermarket allowed me to pick up all the other ingredients, and a visit to Target saw me picking up some mixing bowls (I'd given up pretty much everything of my own in a yard sale when the two of us moved in together).  I managed to accomplish all of this in a relatively short time but only because I was able to steer around the slow-movers in various stores.

My treadmill session this morning burned off 445 calories.  I don't plan on doing a second session today because I'm off to the Oaktown 8's for their regular dance night.  There's no way to measure how many calories I'll burn off there — and it certainly can't match what I would accomplish on the treadmill — but every little bit helps.

And boy, would I like to "help" this daddy bear with what he obviously has on his mind...