notmypresident: (Twitchy Tina)
I can't seem to do anything today.  Well, besides waking up.  And turning on the DVD player for episodes of "The Nanny."  And eating.

Other than that, today has been a total wash.

Speaking of which, a bunch of new T-shirts are currently finishing up in the wash (I guess that's something else I accomplished).  It's well documented how I love to open up big packages, and today I got two in the mail!  Woo-hoo!  The only "problem" is I've got four new T-shirts and nowhere to wear 'em to. 
Ah, yes:  One other thing I accomplished was creating a new icon.  It's not easy for me to capture multiple images from a DVD on my G4, but this one turned out good enough.  For now.

And then there's the Favorite Bear of the Moment.

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