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There was only a small chance that I wouldn't make it through today, so it's no surprise that I'm still alive and breathing.  My first day on the job as part of The System was designed to be User Friendly -- I was assigned to two different court rooms a.m./p.m. that always have short sessions.  But it was still a vastly different experience than that of a deposition.  Most of the people I met were friendly enough, though there was still a bit of that Civil Service I don't haffta be nice cause ya can't fire my ass attitude.  I'm told that backstabbing has progressed to an art form at the courthouse, but I really don't give a damn.  I'm just in it for the money and the benefits.

It will be strange to have (yet again) a routine of getting up and going to work every day.  One of the major perks of being an independent was that I often had several weekdays "free"; not so now, although I'm sure the person making work assignments will take me off calendar for a few days just to show who's boss.  We'll see. 

I had a brief conversation this afternoon with the roommate/ex.  I feel intensely sad over his situation of not being able to find a place to live.  He's really trapped by a number of restrictions that he has no control over.  But the fact is that he started this whole "I'm moving out" phase, and there's no backing out.  By either of us, actually.  And somewhat ironically, this new job now means that I can comfortably cover the rent by myself once he moves out.  Even so, it's just an unfortunate situation all around. 

Since I've posted a few celebrities for the Favorite Bear of the Moment pic recently, how about one more?  This time out is the lead singer for Staind, a group I know of only because this guy is so hot, hot, hot.

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