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iPod synchronicity:  When I turned on my iPod this afternoon, the first random song was David Bowie "Hallo Spaceboy (Pet Shop Boys Remix)" followed by Klaus Nomi "Total Eclipse (The Man Parrish Remix)" followed by Scissor Sisters "The Backwoods Discotheque Pt. II."  I couldn't have programmed a more appropriate cluster of songs.

Weird dream:  For the first time ever (I think) I dreamt last night that I was watching an unaired episode of "The Mary Tyler Moore" show, but with the knowledge that Mary was really playing me and Rhoda was playing... well, Rhoda.  Mary was whining to Rhoda about not wanting to go to a party because she wouldn't know anyone there and no one would like her and she was feeling dowdy and... you can see how I knew Mary was really my dream surrogate.

Husband material:  The trial I'm assigned to is incredibly boring, but there are perks.  For one, there's a muscle cub juror who is waaaaaay too sold on his own worth.  He's hot, but really...  I was thinking that the clerk was nice husband-type material -- was I actually flirting? -- but then he mentioned The Wife.  Oh, puh-leazzzze!  Well, I'm still gonna flirt.  He actually reminds me of Rob, who is often mentioned in my other blog.  I even asked if he had a brother here in San Francisco, because I was kinda curious if the family resemblance was more than just facial in nature (ahem). The reply was "not that I know of." Damn it!

Bugs and birds and sunlight, oh my:  I'm sorta planning on going to the square dance picnic on Angel Island this Saturday, but it will depend on how the trial goes -- if expedited transcripts are ordered, there goes my weekend.  And I'm not normally one for the outdoors, but [ profile] bigjohnsf tells me that the picnic should be fun.

Not as much fun as the Favorite Bear of the Moment, I'll bet.

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