notmypresident: (Elton "Caribou")
A bird fight right outside my window this morning woke me up better than any man-made alarm clock.  Grrrr...

I had a funny "ah-hah!" moment yesterday when a friend I was speaking with began to talk about something that I had posted in my "other" blog.  The "ah-hah!" aspect was that I'd only mentioned it in my sex blog and I know that this friend can't read it because he's never asked to be added to the Friends filter group.  Curious, eh?  But it doesn't really matter... the notion of filter groups "protecting" something is absurd.  The only way to keep something truly private is to never blog about it.  Truth be told, I filter my other blog only because the sight of pics featuring oversized naughty parts might upset some folks with weaker constitutions. 
Though yesterday was a bit of a bust in terms of productivity, I did actually climb onto the treadmill.  Admittedly, it was rather late in the day but I still managed to reach my "minimum" goal of 320 calories burned (100 fat calories, at least according to the LED display).  Yes, that's all relative but it's still an effective marker to strive towards and/or surpass.  I continue to experience no perceived gains from all this exercise -- no extra energy, no endorphines -- but I can tell that the stored fat on my torso is slowly melting away.  Too slowly, of course.  But if it were easy, even Edina Monsoon would be thin and gorgeous!

Speaking of which, the treadmill is calling my name.  Before I go, one more Favorite Bear of the Moment.

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