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I had a pleasant time at yesterday's picnic/square dance for the Oaktown 8's.  I very nearly didn't go because the day had gotten off to such a sucky start and I wasn't in the best of moods.  I'm also not keen on driving to new places — given that I have only a few years' worth of driving experience, I'm often unable to discern that some highway signs don't always point you in the right direction.  But I somehow managed to get my act together to arrive just before the starting time.

Again, I had a pleasant time, though I'm not sure that the mix of good food, great location, and fun folks is conducive to dancing.  I ended up taking part in one tip only because I just couldn't get into it.  Plus, there was that gentle breeze blowing... dancing just wasn't on my mind.  There was a moment when my "Brain Theater" captured a moment from Witness — only instead of folks being called from the food to build a barn, it was to form squares.  It was good to see some folks from the city that I haven't seen for a while, some of whom were LJers ([ profile] tardis and [ profile] sfbearhoney).  Ira, a former classmate who had dropped out for personal reasons, also showed up to see if he might jump back into the thick of things.  I hope he does.  I also got to chat a bit with [ profile] firestroke, who I didn't know was part of the LJ cult.  I feel so terribly awkward at social situations, so I'm always very appreciative when folks like him chat me up.  I'd always wanted to mention that to him on previous occasions, but never took the opportunity to do so until now.

I made a quiet exit from the event after a few hours and headed home to watch Copycat, a movie that's a bit of a guilty pleasure for me.  It has two very strong lead players in Sigourney Weaver and Holly Hunter, and I like it so much that I often feel compelled to try and convince friends that it's worth watching.  But I've done that enough with other favorites (and not always with successful results), so I keep it to myself for moments like last night.

So howsabout a daddy-flavored Favorite Bear of the Moment on this beautiful Sunday day?

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