notmypresident: (ONJ1)
After watching a few more videos from the Olivia Newton-John collection (which, I have to admit, are really cheesy!), I did some channel surfing and came across a PBS program that was fascinating.  It turns out that "Lost Roman Treasures" originally aired back in 2002, documenting the frantic attempt to uncover/preserve the ruins of Zeugma, a town once located at the fringe of the Roman Empire, before it was buried under water by a new Turkish dam.  With just two weeks to spare, the archeologists hit pay dirt in the form of a Roman villa that had nearly all of its stunningly beautiful mosaic floor work preserved.  Here's an example:

Near the end of the show, the documentary unveiled all the mosaics that had been rescued and hinted at the treasures that would never be recovered.  With the help of an excerpt from John Williams' Jurassic Park score, the scope and grandeur of these treasures really hit home.  If you go to the Web site, you can find the CGI "fly by" recreation of the town, which maps the mosaics into the recreated town.  It's very impressive.  And a little sad.

Speaking of "very impressive," here's the Favorite Bear of the Moment!