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I was talking with a friend recently about musical tastes and how I'm sometimes... embarrassed... about some of my own.  I'm not terribly cutting edge when it comes to my selections (though I have my moments), and sometimes I seem so downright pedestrian in what I'm listening to that I keep it under wraps.  Case in point:  A few weeks ago I was in Tower Records when a dance song started playing through the in-store speakers.  At first I thought it was an update of an 80s British synth-band song, but I couldn't recognize it.  I approached the clerk and asked who it was since I rather liked it.  In an almost clandestine-type moment, she muttered "It's the new song by Kelly Osbourne."  After recovering from the shock, I tracked down the CD single for "One Word" and gave it a listen. 

So okay:  I like this song by Kelly Osbourne.  It's a producer's track, meaning that Kelly Osbourne just happens to be present via some heavily layered vocals.  I'm not sure if this is just my ear-worm song of the moment, but at least I can confess that I've been listening to it over the past few weeks.  And hey, it hit #1 on the Billboard Hot Dance Music chart so I can't be the only one who likes it! 
How about a younger Favorite Bear of the Moment for today?  I'm thinking this cub was able to grow a full beard by the time he was 14!  Yowza!!!

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