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So it's Gay Pride day.  I live in Pride Central, aka San Francisco.  It's easy to take Gay Pride for granted when you basically live it 365 days a year in a place like this.  Of course, it's not that way for everyone.  Thanks to the Internet, it's easy to talk with folks across the country and realize that Pride celebrations are just as important with only a few hundred participants and not the 300,000+ expected at today's San Francisco Pride Parade.  And a big "harrumph" to those who suggest that there's no need for Gay Pride.  There is always a need to stand up and make a statement that Gay people exist and that they exist in numbers.  But even more importantly than making a statement for the "rest of them," I believe it's important to band together for our own sake.

Which must seem somewhat ironic/hypocritical of me to not be attending today's parade.  To be frank, large crowds really overwhelm me.  To be equally frank, I don't like relying on public transportation for such events -- Sunday BART is bad enough, but add 40- or 50,000 additional folks to the mix and you've got chaos.  Ugh.  What I like to do on Gay Pride day is watch the parade on TV.  I generally spend the day listening to music by Gay artists or Gay-friendly artists.  I also enjoy watching a Gay-themed movie (I'm considering "Bear Cub" or "Broken Hearts Club" for later).  It's not much, but we all (hopefully) make the day into something that works individually.

And, oh yes:  I enjoy looking at images of especially handsome men -- and I think the Favorite Bear of the Moment definitely qualifies in that regard!


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