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This really IS the happiest place on earth -- at least for today. Gay Day 2 at DisneyLand (though I can't quite figure out why it's called Gay Day 2 when there have obviously been more than two) has turned into an unexpectedly mahvelous time for all. Just amazing -- and we've only had a half day there. Everything about this trip has gone exactly right -- from the drive down to getting to the park early to the somewhat cool weather to the small lines at the favorite rides. Really, almost picture perfect in every way. And I was thrilled (yeah, that's the appropriate word) to see so many folks wearing red shirts -- the official "family" color for today. The park is filled with a sea of red shirts, and everyone seems to be happy to be there as they smile and wave and wish you well. Plans are to hit the parks again later when the temps (which finally began to creep into the uncomfortable zone before we headed back to the hotel) drop down. Tomorrow morning looks to be a quick trip to DCA and then a long but satisfied drive back to the Bay Area.

No favorite Bear of the Moment since I'm on the road...
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