notmypresident: (Murder By Death)
As I approach tomorrow's interview (for a job I don't really want), I find my thoughts are increasingly disjointed.  So it's no surprise that my blog should reflect this.
  • I was a pedestrian until just a few years ago, but people who start crossing a street when the counter has only one second left should be sent to boot camp for idiots.  As I was walking in the city this afternoon, I saw this happen at three of the five crosswalks I encountered on my way to turning in some job exhibits at the office.

  • Is there a point to coddling those who will almost certainly turn against you if given the chance?  Partly through complacency, the Radical Right has made frightening advances.  I'm ready to toss my shades 'cause the future don't look so bright.

  • I broke down and bought myself a Quarter Pounder w/Cheese for lunch, the first one in quite a while.  Found myself thinking that it really wasn't all that great.

  • New Release Tuesday didn't deliver much in the way of new releases.  Sony has issued the umpteenth "best of" collection for one of my guilty pleasures:

    Even though I already have every single song on this collection, I very nearly picked it up because I love the ELO spaceship design (first used on the incredible two-disc "Out of the Blue" album).  Instead, I downloaded a couple of songs by more recent artists from iTunes.

  • My KitchenAid mixer arrives tomorrow.  With my luck, it'll probably show up when I'm at the interview.  And I'm guessing it'll be the one time the UPS guy doesn't leave the package.

  • Not sure what I'm going to do tonight:  square dance or sex.  Sex or square dance?

And no, I don't think the Favorite Bear of the Moment square dances, more's the pity.