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I opened up a new case of Diet Coke to snag a drink earlier this evening and pulled out a can.  An empty can.  Still intact and no sign of leakage.  I suppose this happens more often than not, like the morphed M&M I discovered a few months back or that time I found a triple-decker Oreo cookie in a bag.  Still, it seems odd.  I keep hearing Jodie Foster from Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore saying "Weird, man.  Weird."

Because I saw Tom Arnold on TV last week talking about how the only way he was able to finally lose weight was to do the treadmill twice a day, I applied myself to another exercise session this evening.  I burned off an additional 450 calories, which makes the total for today 910!  Woo-hoo!  But I think a hidden benefit not apparent from the LED display was the fact that I sweat like a pig during this second round.  Not only was my T-shirt soaked through, but the top of my sweat pants down to the crotch was also soaked, as were parts of the legs.  Good thing I always down a bottle of water during my sessions.  At this rate, I expect the pounds to fly away.  Okay, not really.  But I'll hopefully see some quicker results; time will tell.

Time to get a few more chapters read in Sunstorm and then it will be time for some much-needed rest.

Too bad the Favorite Bear of the Moment won't be there to tuck me in...


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