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I guess it's a little sad that I've spent at least a moment or two during each of the past two days at the new job thinking about... my steady paycheck.  I love court reporting, so there's that.  But I have to admit that the notion of getting a full check every two weeks is just about the only reason I took this job.  Well, that — and the fact that in six months I will no longer have to pay $500 a month for health insurance. Christ, that's nearly the cost of sharing a two-bedroom apartment with someone in San Francisco!

Tomorrow I'm headed for my first real gig at the Hall of Justice, something I'm not looking forward to.  Folks say there's a camaraderie at The Hall that's absent in other places.  Of course, it's a camaraderie borne of necessity, given the atmosphere of the place.  The department I'm in should be fairly manic during the morning session and then light (if anything at all) in the afternoon.  One of the perks of this job is that I'm able to edit during my downtime, so that I'm not taking any work home with me.

My sleep patterns have been chaotic thanks to the anxiety of this new job, but a side effect of waking up every few hours is that I'm remembering my dreams. I'm constantly amazed by the incredible amount of detail that my imagination can conjure.  The other night I dreamt I was visiting London in the winter, and I can still see the slushy sidewalks and streets with buses covered with a light dusting of snow.  Somewhat surprisingly, in my dream I ran into [ profile] double_ohsteven, and we walked arm-in-arm for support along the slippery night streets. He was smiling as always, and I remember thinking how reassuring it was to see a friendly and familiar face so far from home.

Last night's hard-core sex dream was light years from the London dream.  It was one of those dreams where I would have preferred not to suddenly wake up, but there I was.  At least my sheets were still dry.

Time for the Favorite Bear of the Moment.  Seeing this pic, my first thought was that the friggin' thermometer behind this guy must have been broken, 'cause he is way hotter than 65°!!!

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Last night I dreamt about the Apocalypse.  I dunno why — perhaps in response to the Extinction Level Event taking place in Sunstorm or the fact that I've just been so fucking depressed and down on the world of late.  It certainly wasn't related to religion; I haven't a shred of belief in God (I don't believe in the Boogie Man either), though I think humanity's need for a higher power is fascinating.

So there I was, dreaming about the end of the world.  My dreams (the ones I remember, at any rate) always tend to be incredibly detailed, and this was no exception.  I don't remember much in the way of specifics, but there was a particularly nasty "angel" sent ahead to torment and tease all of those who would not survive.  I remember that the Jesus figure was dead set about ending it all — "Take this cup" all over again — but that it was clear it was gonna happen.  I forced myself to wake up and end the damned thing before it got to that point, however.  There was much swooping and flying through the air in a cool sort of way (flying dreams are supposed to be pleasurable), but it was still a strange experience.

I postponed lunch with my court reporting friend until tomorrow.  I realized I needed to do a couple of things in the city, and it just didn't make sense for me to go in two days in a row when one trip would suffice.

Another treadmill session this morning knocked off 425 calories.  Go me.  I probably could have done twice as much had I a personal trainer like the Favorite Bear of the Moment...