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From Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks (Second Edition):  Always wear a T-shirt while exercising, especially during summer months.

I didn't exercise yesterday (shopping counts as exercise, doesn't it?) and so I pushed myself hard on the treadmill this afternoon — after a morning of procrastination.  I cranked both the incline (5.0) and the speed (4.0) for a solid 45 minutes.  After my cool-down period, my total calories burned was 550.

But my shorts were wet well before then.  No — more than that:  they were dripping wet, as if I'd just come from a pool.  Without a T-shirt to absorb all that manly sweat, there was only one place for it to collect.  It's not a fun sensation to be finishing up your last few minutes on the treadmill with your shorts sloshing between your legs.  But hey, 550 calories in 55 minutes!  Go me!

I had a dream last night that everyone in San Francisco — everyone — had moved away and that I was the only person left.  So, if my brain were my friend, I would have dreamed that everyone had moved away except for me and the Favorite Bear of the Moment...


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