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I've cut way back on my DVD purchases over the past few months.  It's amazing how one can do without middle-of-the-road dreck with just a bit of will power.  But one movie that caught my eye was this film from Germany:

It's a quiet little movie about the last ten days of the Third Reich, a period of 20th century history that's both amazing and repellent at the same time.  Well, the movie isn't exactly "quiet"; the 5.1 audio mix makes you feel as if you're in the middle of Berlin as it crumbles around you.  And it's not exactly "little," with a running time of two and a half hours.

No one would call this the "feel-good movie of the year."  But to be frank, it's actually rather boring.  In trying to be true to both history and its subjects, Downfall steers clear of sensationalism.  There is no context provided save what a viewer brings to the viewing -- no flashbacks of atrocities, no perspective save that of a ruined nation on its knees.  I can understand that artistic decision, but nothing was done to compensate for the dry, uninvolving documentary feel that pervades the movie in its wake.  I appreciated the performances and the 5.1 surround mix, but I kept looking at the clock over and over to see how much longer it would be before the end credits began to roll.  Not the best way to spend an afternoon.

Though it might seem strange to mention it, this movie has some extremely handsome cast members (and no, I don't have a uniform fetish).  There are some fine-looking men in this production, even though none of them sport any facial hair (well, with the one very obvious exception).  German actor Heino Ferch is a particular standout, so he ends up being my Favorite Bear of the Moment.  Watching him almost makes me wish I had a uniform fetish!

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