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I went music shopping over at iTunes today and picked up a couple of new releases.  First up was the soundtrack to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which I would have purchased last week in an actual music store had it been in stock.  Their loss.  Besides, the iTunes version comes with three bonus tracks that are short dance versions of music from the film.  The only downside is that record companies have yet to offer an e-booklet with lyrics and photos.  I'm sure it will happen one day, but with something like this soundtrack the absence is keenly felt.

My other purchase was the new Donna Summer single.  According to what I've read, Ms. Summer has released the single as a one-shot while she is shopping for a new record company.  I would have waited for the (inevitable) dance remix version, but I wanted to show my support for my favorite Disco Diva.  "I Got Your Love" isn't among her best work, but neither is it among her worst.  I actually like her vocal, but feel the overall mix is rather tame.  Perhaps the remixes will be more playful.

And speaking of "playful..."


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