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The court reporting gods are toying with me.  Here I am, all set to go in next week for a job interview as a court reporter with the SF court system -- an "interview" in name only, since my reporter friend tells me that I'm a shoe-in because of the court's dire need for reporters.  It's not a job I want, but it will be a decent steady income.  It also offers incredible benefits, and I'm frankly tired of shelling out $500 a month for piss-poor health insurance.

So what happens today?  I have one of my best court reporting experiences of the past year or so.  No attitude whatsoever from the out-of-town attorneys; in fact, they couldn't have been nicer.  Even better, the expert witness was picture perfect, unlike most experts who are generally full of themselves and speak at ungodly speeds.  The deponent admitted to me at the beginning that his mother had been a court reporter and that she had drilled into him the necessity of being calm and clear in order to get the best possible record.  God bless dear ol' mom!  The location was also picture perfect:  one of the top floors of a skyscraper with a panoramic view of the San Francisco Bay ("Is that Alcatraz?" one of the lawyers asked).  As I was taking down testimony, I watched a large clipper ship slowly make its way into San Francisco.  Sigh.  The depo was a lengthy one, but it finished just before 5:00 without a need to come back for a second day.  That was the only downside.

Still, I'm following through on the interview and will try out the court system to see if I can stomach it until my coffers are full once more.

I may bake tomorrow as I work on today's transcript.  Or I may just sit and look at pictures of hot men, like the current Favorite Bear of the Moment.  Decisions, decisions...

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