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Saturday was the first time in a long time that I "overdid" it.  I was basically on my feet from 10:00 a.m. to (ahem) 3:00 a.m.  Well, I'm still "feeling" it, which is yet another sign that my body won't tolerate such excesses in the same way it once did.  Sigh.

I saw you standing on the corner
You looked so big and fine
I really wanted to go out with you
So when you smiled, I laid my heart on the line...

—Blondie "X-Offender"

Perhaps in response to my inner thoughts, iTunes just randomly popped up this little gem from the past.  As if I wasn't feeling old enough, whenever I hear "X-Offender" I'm always taken back to my first visit to San Francisco in 1977 and that party where we danced to the entire Blondie album over and over and over.

Anyway... I'm doing prep work this week for an interview I have next week with the S.F. court system.  I really don't want to work in that structured system, but I need to be practical and realistic about the current state of freelancing.  It's called biting the bullet and/or hunkering down.  Yet another part of getting older, I suppose.  In any event, I'm lunching with a court reporting friend on Tuesday, who will then take me around and make introductions prior to the interview.  It never hurts to grease the wheel, I suppose.  Yippee.

The Favorite Bear of the Moment is really more of a Favorite Otter of the Moment, I suppose.  But I've always lusted after Daryl Stuermer, who was Phil Collins' guitar man for most of the former Genesis member's solo career.  Watching Collins' video for a fleeting glimpse of Daryl was always fun (Stuermer looked particularly tasty in "Don't Lose My Number").

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