notmypresident: (Grumpy Thor)
I had to drive into the city semi-early this morning to pick up my stuff from Friday night's non-adventure and was amazed at the number of idiots who are allowed to drive.  I saw drivers doing things that they should have had their licenses revoked for, chief of which was cutting between cars when there was just barely enough room.  Clearly, many of these idiots are assuming that others will automatically yield to their stupidity, but it reminds me of the Cathy Bates scene in Fired Green Tomatoes where she rams the Valley Girl's car because she's got better insurance.  I also do not get drivers who drive while sitting at an angle of about 75° instead of the 90° that the rest of us drive.  I was behind someone who was situated like that and it wasn't a case of them reaching for something or even... er... playing with someone.  And if I hadn't seen this before, I would think it was due to a back condition.  But this comes up every so often and chiropractics seems an unlikely explanation for this dangerous style of driving.

A quiet weekend ahead of me.  I'll probably get around to mowing the lawn later today since that's overdue.  Then it's back into the city this evening for some play time.

With, perhaps, someone like the Favorite Bear of the Moment (if I'm lucky)...

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