notmypresident: (Scream and Scream Again)
I'm thinking that, although there are no outward signs of it, there's a little anxiety brewing over the start of my new job tomorrow.  How else to explain one of last night's dreams:

I'm in a crowd of people who are just standing about.  I reach up to scratch my head and notice a small hole in the top of my scalp near the back, just where the bone seam is.  I think to myself "Huh, I never noticed that before."  I absently finger the small hole and notice that there seems to be a pimple-like formation at the bottom.  I look around to see if anyone is watching me.  No one is, so I push down on the pimple and it pops.  But as it does so, I feel the top part of my scalp move forward just a bit.  There is now a clearly defined gap between the top part of my scalp and where the back edge begins.  Again, no one is watching.  Wondering if this isn't perhaps somehow normal, I feign a reason to inadvertently touch the scalp of someone standing near me.  Nope — their scalp is perfectly normal.  With a sense of fear, I force myself to wake up.

Analyze that, Sigmund Freud!

Why can't I just dream about things like the Favorite Bear of the Moment???  Oh, that's right:  my brain isn't my best friend.  Ah, well.

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