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The Australian Football League (AFL) has changed its logo to support same-sex marriage.

The logo appeared at AFL headquarters in Melbourne as a “strong statement” on the issue, said Chief Executive Gillon McLachlan.

Speaking on Fox Footy on Tuesday evening, McLachlan added:

“This is an issue that means a lot to many of our players, many of my employees and a lot of people in the community. It’s incumbent on us to have a view. It’s also, it’s incumbent on us not to lecture people … but say ‘this is who we are as a brand’.”

However, according to Yahoo!, many teams, representatives and fans are not happy with the AFL’s position.

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While Melbourne club Carlton declined to endorse the “yes” campaign out of respect for “personal choice,” Fox Footy host Sam Newman said the AFL are “political whores” who are telling people how to vote.

According to Sky, Newman added:

“If this was about the AFL putting Yes on the football about climate change, or save the whales, or greenhouse emissions or whatever, I would have exactly the same opinion.

“But who in the hell are these people at the AFL who are telling the football public what they should do in their lives and who they should vote for in any political agenda – who are you?”

A number of other sporting organizations including Cricket Australia and Football Federation Australia have voiced support for same-sex marriage.

However, Swimming Australia said while it was committed to equality, its members were entitled to have their own positions on the issue.

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Jeffrey Mezger, the CEO of KB Home, one of the largest homebuilding companies in the country, was recorded on tape this week calling actress and comedienne Kathy Griffin a “c**t” and a “bald faced d**e.”

The company has slashed his bonus, CBS News reports:

KB Home (KBH) chief executive Jeffrey Mezger will see his annual bonus reduced by 25 percent after unleashing a tirade-laden rant at comedian Kathy Griffin, his Los Angeles neighbor….

KB Home, which is known for building high-end homes that can cost upwards of $2 million each, said in a regulatory filing Mezger’s behavior was “unacceptable and a negative reflection” on the company. It warned that Mezger would be fired if there was another similar incident.

It’s unclear what the dollar amount is of Mezger’s bonus, but in 2014 it was $125,000.

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SENATOR BILL CASSIDY HITS BACK. Jimmy Kimmel just doesn’t understand the health care bill: “Jimmy doesn’t understand, and not because he’s a talk show host, because we’ve never spoken,” Cassidy said on “Fox & Friends.” “He’s only heard from those on the left, who are doing their best to preserve ObamaCare. He’s not heard from me — we’ve not spoken — and I would love to talk to him about this.”

MONTHS WITHOUT POWER. Hurricane Maria ravages Puerto Rico.

TELETHON. Barbra Streisand wanted to walk the red carpet backward to show off her good side.

TOXIC MASCULINITY. Trump’s administration is all about it.

NORTH KOREA. Trump sets new sanctions on North Korea: “The executive order Trump inked just ahead of the lunch enhances US Treasury Department authorities to target individuals who provide goods, services or technology to North Korea, Trump said.”

MATT DRUDGE. The pipeline for Russian fake news: “Drudge has for years used his site as a web traffic pipeline for Russian propaganda sites, directing his massive audience to nearly 400 stories from and fellow Russian-government-run English-language news sites and since the beginning of 2012, according to a Media Matters review. Those numbers spiked in 2016, when Drudge collectively linked to the three sites 122 times.”

MICHIGAN. Kid Rock trails Debbie Stabenow by nearly 20 points: “The musician, whose real name is Robert Ritchie, trails the senior Democratic senator from Michigan, 52 to 34 percent, in a hypothetical match-up, according to a Media Research Group poll released early Thursday.”

MOBILIZATION. Russians use Facebook to push Trump rallies in 17 cities: “The demonstrations—at least one of which was promoted online by local pro-Trump activists— brought dozens of supporters together in real life. They appear to be the first case of Russian provocateurs successfully mobilizing Americans over Facebook in direct support of Donald Trump.”

GOSSIP GIRL REGRETS. Creator Josh Safran says there should have been more gays: “When I look back on Gossip Girl, the only things I regret were not as much representation for people of color and gay story lines,” said Safran. “Those are the two things I think we probably could have delved into more deeply, but other than that, I only regret things like not showing Chuck finger Blair and the dildos and other sexual stuff.”

ACCIDENT. Riverdale’s Archie KJ Apa falls asleep at wheel after long day on set.

PHILIPPINES. House approves LGBT rights bill: “Lawmakers voted 198-0 in favor of House Bill No. 4982 or the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression Equality (SOGIE) bill. The measure prohibits and penalizes discriminatory acts by a fine not less than P100,000 and not more than P500,000, or imprisonment of not less than one year but not more than six years, or both. It mandates existing women’s desks in police stations to be renamed as Women, Children, and LGBTQ++ Protection Desks, to attend to complaints.”

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY. Niall Horan “Too Much To Ask”.

TRAILER OF THE DAY. Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs.


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Lawrence O'Donnell tantrum

MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell is apologizing after footage leaked showing him engaged in an eight-minute expletive-laden meltdown with his producers.

Mediaite reported:

The video, which lasts a full eight minutes, is a collection of clips from one evening (given O’Donnell’s consistent outfit) and show the MSNBC anchor fuming about earpiece malfunctions, blasting off obscenities and screaming at his staff. We were able to link it back to the August 29 show.


“You have insanity in my earpiece,” O’Donnell then seethes through tightly drawn lips. “F**kin.”

The pattern continues in subsequent clips, with O’Donnell continuing to complain angrily about someone talking into his earpiece.

And then…

“STOP THE HAMMERING!” O’Donnell cries suddenly, in response to a knocking sound running faintly in the background.

He then stands up and launches into a shouted tirade past the camera.


Tweeted O’Donnell: “A better anchorman and a better person would’ve had a better reaction to technical difficulties. I’m sorry.”

Watch the tantrum below:

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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg hailed herself as “a flaming feminist litigator” as she vowed to take on the majority conservative Supreme Court as it returns next month to tackle controversial issues such as gay civil rights, President Trump’s travel ban and partisan gerrymandering. “There is only one prediction that is entirely safe about the upcoming term,…

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new york gay sex parties

Jezebel’s Rich Juzwiak takes a long journey inside the New York gay sex party scene and the history of such gatherings in the city, observing whether PrEP has changed attitudes toward promiscuity or just brought them out into the open at parties like Harder Golden Boys University, and American Whorer Party.

Juzwiak describes in vivid detail how he dropped his inhibitions at the latter and navigated it with his boyfriend (read the piece), concluding:

I found that there is an electric, immense thrill to being in a room with a bunch of horny dudes when you know you could do just about whatever with any of them. The collective energy all focused on pleasure creates a palpable singularity, a carnal brotherhood that is a force beyond the sum of its parts. But, fastened into my own head as I almost always am in public spaces, I soon began to wonder what the point was of having all of these brief encounters with guys that I might not have any interest in if I could actually, you know, see them.

I would like to say that gay men have carved out a utopia for themselves in these spaces, it’s not quite the case. I do believe that some guys navigate these spaces purely for fun and leisure, without negative effects on their mental and physical health.

Juzwiak talks with the party promoters (who now push them on Facebook rather than the back of local gay rags), the attendees, and the acting deputy commissioner of disease control at New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Health, who talked about the changing policing of the parties:

“For many people who have historically linked disease with their sex lives, they have now unlinked disease from their sex lives,” said Dr. Demetre Daskalakis, the acting deputy commissioner of disease control at New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Health, by phone. “It’s not even a question of public health. I think it’s human nature that if you have a pleasurable activity that was associated with a bad outcome, and you’re making that bad outcome nearly impossible, then all of the sudden that activity looks better.”

…The Department’s policy has evolved. Its current attitude toward sex parties seems way more in tune with the realities of how actually prevent disease transmission. “We’re not designed to be a surveillance machine for venues,” the DOHMH’s Dr. Demetre Daskalakis told me. Instead of witch-hunting, the Health Department’s emphasis is on making sure “New Yorkers are equipped with ways to keep themselves healthy however they want to pursue their own pleasure,” venue notwithstanding.

Pharmaceuticals have catalyzed a revolution, to be sure:

Public gay sex in New York, too, never really went away, even during the plague years of the AIDS epidemic—it just got pushed into gym steam rooms and the odd bar back room. Sex parties targeted at men who have sex with men, though, tell a story about gay history and its present: In 2017, men who have sex with men are f**king in a new age of liberation. These parties are remarkable expressions of sexual security within a population of men that, for decades, had reason to feel insecure—if not terrified—of sex.

Read Juzwiak’s full, graphic adventure HERE.

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A Minnesota couple suing the state for the right to deny service to LGBT people despite the fact that they have no gay customers had their lawsuit dismissed by a federal judge.

The Star Tribune reports:

In a 63-page ruling, Chief U.S. District Judge John Tunheim wrote that a provision of the Minnesota Human Rights Act (MHRA) prohibiting discrimination by businesses was not unconstitutional. Tunheim rejected the couple’s argument that the law amounted to “a state effort to stamp out expression opposing same-sex marriage.”

Carl and Angel Larsen sued the state’s commissioner of human rights and attorney general in December in an pre-emptive effort to avoid penalties for turning away same-sex customers.

The Larsens, who use their Telescope Media Group to promote their Christian beliefs, want to go into the wedding film business, but serve only heterosexual couples.

The Larsens had wanted to post a notice on their website saying that they serve heterosexual couples only, but the judge disagreed, the Star Tribune adds:

On Wednesday, Tunheim described that as “conduct akin to a ‘White Applicants Only’ sign” that may be outlawed without infringing on First Amendment rights.

“Posting language on a website telling potential customers that a business will discriminate based on sexual orientation is part of the act of sexual orientation discrimination itself,” Tunheim wrote. “As conduct carried out through language, this act is not protected by the First Amendment.”

Tunheim concluded that the MHRA forbids discrimination in the basic terms of an agreement, such as charging a higher price or declining services based on sexual orientation.

The Larsens must offer services to couples of all sexual orientation, but Tunheim wrote that they are not required to publish each video online and he suggested that they could even post language on their site expressing opposition to same-sex marriage.

The Alliance Defending Freedom, designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, says it will appeal the ruling to the 8th Circuit.

This is the ADF’s video on the hateful couple:

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Former Australian PM Tony Abbott says he was headbutted by a gay marriage supporter while walking to his hotel in Tasmania after a luncheon with anti-gay activists.

Abbott told Melbourne’s 3AW radio about the alleged assault:

“I was walking from the Mercury office across that docks area, that beautiful docks area in Hobart, towards my hotel. A fellow sung out at me ‘Hey Tony!’ I turned around, there was a chap wearing a ‘Vote Yes’ badge. He says ‘I wanna shake your hand.’ I went over to shake his hand and then he headbutted me. Now he wasn’t very good at it I’ve gotta say, but he did make contact. The only damage was a very, very slightly swollen lip. I was with a member of my staff [who] briefly grappled with this guy, and he then ran off swearing his head off basically. It was just a reminder of how ugly this debate is getting.”

Abbott’s spokesman said the former PM’s injuries were “minor” and did not result in a broken or bloody nose.

Listen to Abbott’s interview:


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Justin Elizabeth Sayre

Whether you pray to a god, the universe or Judy Herself, praise whomever you choose that we’ve got someone like Justin Elizabeth Sayre creating art today.

The writer, performer and cabaret star was a writer on CBS’s Two Broke Girls, authored children’s books (Husky and Pretty) and appeared on HBO’s The Comeback, but he’s probably best known for his long-running hit show The Meeting* of the International Order of Sodomites.

A clip for the show in which Sayre adapts the gay Hanky Code for a new generation became a viral hit in 2014:

Now, with a wit as sharp as his eye for bold accessories, Sayre is back with a brand new show opening in New York City this weekend. Titled I’m Gorgeous Inside, the show is a loving tribute to all the bad girls that inspired Sayre throughout the years.

This is not just your typical blind diva worship. Sayre is razor sharp, and he examines the relationship between queer people and strong, sexual female archetypes with equal amounts of intellect and humor. He’s got plenty to say about the inspiration behind the show, especially at a time when hyper-masculinity, misogyny and heteronormativity are surging. (Don’t believe me? I got called a “pathetic, self-loathing effeminate wretch” for loving Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman in the comments on this very website.)

No matter how you personally identify, it’s hard not to admire Sayre’s passion and the audacity of I’m Gorgeous to celebrate him and all the bad girls around the world. In the face of stifling sameness, Sayre is bold enough to give voice to the slutty, the strange and the sublime just when we need it most.

In the name of Liza, Dolly and RuPaul, amen.

Read what he had to say about the show below.

What inspired the new show?

I was noticing that I was talking about my admiration for kind of tough girls when I was growing up quite a bit recently. These kind of girls that were not only social outliers, but also kind of sexual outliers. When I was initially thinking, I would say ‘I loved slutty girls in high school.’ As I got into it, I was like no, it wasn’t that they were promiscuous or whatever. It was that they were standing outside the social norms, and they were saying this is who I am. It was early evidence of what real self-possession looked like.

I thought ‘That’s what this show is about!’ It’s about celebrating these women in an age where we’re not totally celebrating these women, but also we’re celebrating femme sexuality and people who are identifying femme from all across the board. So it’s not just women, it’s anybody who kind of falls within that feminine spectrum.

That sounds very highfalutin for a lot of jokes. It didn’t start off as a political show by any means, but everything we’re being assaulted with in the media right now is this kind of enormous anti-women feeling and this out and out misogyny from the White House, and I think we need to start at a place of just celebrating what it is to be a bad girl in the world today. Because bad girls get shit done. After all these years, I want to be a bad girl. Those are the girls I want to hang out with.

Who were some of your earliest bad girl influences?

I definitely loved bad girls in movies. I watched a lot of old movies growing up because I was around with my grandmothers and that was their kind of entryway into something to talk about. Seeing Lauren Bacall in To Have and Have Not, that’s a bad girl. Then also seeing people like Bette Davis in Jezebel or Susan Hayward in I Want to Live. These were early kind of archetypes of what a bad girl was. As you grow up, seeing things like Grease for the first time, and, like I think most people, I loved the Pink Ladies more than I ever loved Sandy. Let’s have a movie about these girls! I just want to know what Frenchy eats for lunch!

In a way, the transformation of Sandy as a character is not so much that she becomes a bad girl to satisfy him or satisfy John Travolta’s image. She becomes a bad girl because she steps into her own power. For the first time she’s an equal, she’s not an object anymore. The Pink Ladies from the beginning were a rival gang of those guys. It was always about that feeling about being on the same playing field.

I think for a lot of queer people, and especially for a lot of queer people that femme-identify or fall more on the femme spectrum, there’s a lot of contemporary things in gay culture that say feminine is bad. Certainly within this new kind of world we’re living in where everybody wants to get married and be like everybody else, femme is looked upon not as progressive, but regressive. It’s looked on as camp. It’s dismissed rather than seeing how powerful it is to step into that space.

The thing I love not only about myself but the thing I love about my friends is they are too gay to function. They can’t work jobs! They have to be gay all the time! But with that comes sense of power and such a sense of ownership. Those are the brave people in the community, the people that are putting it out there all the time, the people that are ‘hey gurl’-ing down the street. Those are the people that I admire. They never cover it up. They have to be these things.

I think as the show sort of progressed into not just a celebration of who these female archetypes were but really into how that connected with me, that was really the message that came out. The thing about slutty girls is that you’re a slutty girl all the time. You don’t show up to church in a good outfit and forget it. You wear that as part of who you are, that you stepped outside the boundaries and decided that you want something different. I think for a lot of queer people that’s what I’ve wanted to do with my life, and I think that’s what the crossover is with these two groups of people that historically have often been friends.

What about this moment in time makes you feel particularly urgent about this show?

There’s always been a conservative streak through gay life, but the thing that happened in the 2016 election and this ultimate dismissal from the public, which was playing transgender people for making bathrooms an issue and blaming the gay community for being too sensitive, it all felt part and parcel part of this misogyny. Small issues don’t matter, we have to be tough, we have to be overly-masculine. A lot of gay people, unfortunately, fell for that, because for a lot of middle class, white gay men, they were handed the keys to the castle in America growing up. Then all of a sudden at whatever age they said ‘By the way, I like guys,’ and those keys were taken away. And they don’t like it. They get real pissed off about it. There is this kind of growing thing where we’re just as good, we’re just as good, and it’s just like why are we still fighting that fight? I don’t want to be just as good, I want to be myself. I want to be better!

This show not only came out of that feeling of addressing these things in a real, honest way, but addressing them through the lens of an archetype that gets dismissed as funny or we’re making fun of them, but I’m never going to make fun of these women because these women taught me the most about life.

At the end of the day, when a Bette Davis movie came out in the ‘40s and ‘50s and gay guys went to go see them, they were rooting for her. They weren’t making fun of her. They loved that she was big and over-the-top. They wanted her to get the guy or succeed in some way, because they understand what it was like to be told by the world that you could not get what you wanted and still fighting to get it, still fighting to have some semblance of a life. It gets passed down. Ask five queens in a bar if they have a Bette Davis impression, someone’s gonna have one.

At the core of it is that these women shared this journey with us, and I think that’s what the show’s kind of about it. You could laugh at it, but at the end of the day we share so much together. We’ve been an important part of each other’s evolution, but that means we also have to share the burdens that are ahead of us together too. So in a way, it is kind of about intersectionality between strong women and gay men and a lot of jokes! It sounds so serious! It sounds so highfalutin you’d think I was writing a thesis. I’m just writing jokes.

Many of the touchstones you’ve mentioned here, like Lauren Bacall or Bette Davis, are classic gay icons. Are there any contemporary bad girls you look to for inspiration?

We do a song by Ani DiFranco, we talk about Blondie, certainly people like Grace Jones. I think in a weird way, and I don’t know if I’m the only one that thinks this, but I am very intrigued by what Lana Del Rey is doing. That’s probably the most interesting to me. I find Lady Gaga to be a little too manufactured.  Whether you like her or lump her, I think Madonna was always original. She was coming out of what felt like a more organic place than what I see of Lady Gaga, but it is something that I continually think about. I love people like Lizzo, she’s this voluptuous black woman and she is fantastic. For me, that’s like, get her. That’s who I want to follow.

If you were creating a gay starter pack for young gays just coming out, what are the must-haves you’d put in?

Female Trouble, definitely. I would either go City of Night by John Rechy or Dancer From the Dance by Andrew Holleran. I would have three different kinds of lube, only because it takes you too long in life to settle into the lube that’s going to be your friends. I think if you had a starter pack with three different kinds, you could sit with these for a little while, see what work for you. A DVD of The Golden Girls, just because you’re going to talk about it at least once. And then I’m tough on music, maybe Judy at Carnegie Hall, but that seems a little too old fashioned. I’d put in a CD of Grace Jones. This could take you down some roads, kid.

I’m Gorgeous Inside runs Sept. 22-24 at Joe’s Pub in New York City. Tickets are available here

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Megyn Kelly Ellen

Ellen sat down with Megyn Kelly yesterday and (of course) the topic of Trump came up. When Ellen asked Kelly if she’d have Trump on her show, Kelly responds “definitely,” though Ellen had the complete opposite response:

“I would not have him on the show. He is who he is and he gets enough attention and he has his Twitter account and he has ways to get his message across. There’s nothing I’m going to say to him that’s going to change him and I don’t want to give him a platform, because it just validates him. And for me to have someone on the show, I have to at least admire them in some way. And I can’t have someone that I feel is not only dangerous for the country, and for me personally as a gay woman, but to the world. He’s dividing all of us. I just don’t want him on the show.”

In another part of the interview Kelly said that Trump is why she left FOX News:

“Donald Trump has a way of clarifying one’s life choices. That was true in my case too. Just as I was sort of wondering if this is where I wanted to be and how I wanted to live, the universe came and shone a light and it was clear to me what I wanted to do…It wasn’t just the tweets [at me]. The country’s so divided right now. And it’s so political. Politics has become like race. you can’t discuss it at all. Bill O’Reilly told me that when I got to cable news prime time, that cable news prime time is a snake pit…I didn’t want to be in the snake pit, I just wanted to cover the news….This wasn’t the life I wanted. [Trump’s] boycott. It was just a clarification and an affirmation that I did not want to live like this.”


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lhs protest

A group of students in Kansas have staged a sit-in to highlight what they called a pervasive culture of discrimination against LGBT students, particularly transgender people, at Lawrence High School (LHS).

Chesty_LionAn event organizer said students talked with the school’s Assistant Principal and notified the administration that they did not intend to end the protest until at least some of their demands had been met.

LHS sophomore Elliot Bradley said he and fellow members of the school’s Total Equality Alliance organized the protest. The sit-in, he claimed, came about because of long-standing issues that recently came to a head after several students, some of them LHS football players, made offensive comments in a GroupMe text conversation.

RELATED: High School Teacher Resigns After Telling Student Newspaper: Gays ‘Deserve To Die’ – WATCH

The Journal-World reports:

More than 200 students were looped into the text conversation, Bradley said, which included comments likening transgender identities to mental disorders, among other things. In the conversation, one student asked, “if a (slur for transgender person) hits you is it still hitting a woman or no?” Another person insisted that the name on a person’s birth certificate determines gender once and for all, regardless of the person’s actual gender identity.

Bradley said the text messages were sent out initially on Wednesday. On Friday, he said, the football players involved in the conversation were still allowed to play in that evening’s game against Lee’s Summit West. To him, the incident sends a message that “LHS is valuing their players over their minority students.”

In a list of demands submitted to LHS administration, protesters called for those “who participated in harassing transgender students” to be held accountable, including the suspension of student athletes due to “unsportsmanlike conduct.”

Bradley pointed to the school’s “Philosophy for the Student Athlete,” which states that participation in school sports is a “privilege, not a right,” and reminds student athletes that “they represent not only the team,” but also parents, coaches, administration and the entire LHS student body, as well as the district and Lawrence community as a whole.

The protesters’ list of demands also asks that these students write an apology to those who were harassed, and also asks for “public recognition that the main group responsible” were student athletes.

Protesters also called for new administration at the school dedicated to handling discrimination issues and for a new panel to serve as “decision-makers on punishments for any future incidents of discrimination and as support for all students.”

Senior Raven Andersen-Rolland said that the protesters disbanded after some of their demands had been met. She alleged that last year, a small group of students physically and verbally attacked her and her girlfriend during an assembly. “I found out later,” she added, “that the boys were on the baseball team and they were not given a detention.”

In a statement, the district said:

“Lawrence High School’s administration has been meeting with students who staged a peaceful protest in the school rotunda today. The students’ concerns stemmed from feeling disrespected by comments other students made in an online chat room last week. Lawrence High is committed to ensuring a safe and welcoming learning environment for all students and does not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind.”

The district has agreed to take appropriate action “when the facts about these issues are gathered.”

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kimmel brian kilmeade

On Wednesday night, Jimmy Kimmel continued his extraordinary excoriation of the latest Republican effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. That effort is known as Graham-Cassidy, because it is sponsored by Sens. Lindsey Graham, of South Carolina, and Bill Cassidy, of Louisiana. It is the second night in a row Kimmel has devoted the…

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vote no

The ongoing nonbinding postal survey in Australia asking voters whether same-sex marriage should be enacted has instigated a barrage of homophobic and anti-marriage-equality messaging, precisely why its opponents in government — where attempts to pass a binding referendum on the subject failed twice — and among the public had warned against it. Now a new poll shows that this vocal opposition seems to be chipping away at the pro-marriage equality vote, which is still in the majority.

Ballots on the topic went out just last Tuesday, although the mail-in voting will remain open for another two months. The survey was stubbornly initiated by conservative Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who resisted efforts to hold an open parliamentary vote on the issue.

A Guardian essential poll released Monday has shown that 55% of the Australian public support marriage equality legislation, down four points from 59% just two weeks ago. reports these and further numbers:

Meanwhile, the number of survey respondents who say they are opposed to gay marriage has risen to 34 per cent, up 3 per cent in a fortnight.

But despite the dip in support, the ‘Yes’ campaign looks set to succeed. In the latest poll of 1808 people, 71 per cent of respondents who supported gay marriage said they would definitely vote, compared to 60 per cent of those who were opposed. And among respondents who had already voted, 59 per cent supported same-sex marriage.

The campaigns for and against same-sex marriage will continue for another seven and a half weeks until voting officially closes on November 7. The result of the postal survey will be announced at 11.30am on November 15.

Troubling reports of aggressive campaigning against a Yes vote include ads warning against “boys in dresses,” posters depicting hate speech, and the words “Vote No” in skywriting appearing over Sydney. There has even been a report of problematic slangs cropping up in the barcodes of the ballots themselves.

Nevertheless, marriage equality supporters have held rallies to urge allies to vote in the affirmative, and several prominent Australians including Chris Hemsworth and Kylie Minogue have expressed their vocal support.

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supergee: (mourning)
Harry Dean Stanton: the life of a Repo Man (or an apostle) is intense

Lotfi Zadeh: Fuzzy Wuzzy wuz a logic.

Len Wein: beloved comics guy

Jake LaMotta: lasted remarkably long, for a boxer

Lillian Ross: wrote a fascinating peek into that great big wonderful dysfunctional family known as
The New Yorker. (She did a deliberate Good Grief, It’s Daddy)

Stanislav Petrov: saved the world
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After yesterday's overtime shift, it meant that today was my one and only day off, before returning to work tomorrow for NINE days in a row...

A fairly laid back day of paperwork and scanning and walking the girls. Nothing too exciting, I'm afraid.

Of course, there was a concert on last night which I missed out on - again. And was actually really REALLY thinking of going to. The first concert at the Enmore Theatre on Saturday night sold out, so there was a second one put on last night. And even finishing at 8.30pm would have given me time to get to the theatre, and bypass the support act, and see Odesza. But sadly, I procrastinated, and missed out.

I didn't realise they'd been around for a while, and I found out about them and their music in a strange way. A water theme park in Kansas or Oklahoma had put a video online somewhere (Vimeo, I think), which I had stumbled across. It had amazing drone and slow motion 4K footage of people sliding down amazing slides and in to pools / lakes / etc. And the music it was set to totally caught my attention, so I actually used a Video to MP3 converter website, and "ripped" the music and added it to my iTunes. And it was quite a few months later that I discovered more amazing music by them.

Oh well...

I actually found the original video! LOVE this tune by Odeza...

Last night, after work, I just happened to be playing with my (soon to be updated!) camera, when Andy came in to the room... So I just snapped a few pics of him. Low light isn't that great on this camera now - especially without any stabilisation. So they're a bit blurry. But Andy liked them, so I put them on his Facebook page, and he used one for a new profile pic... Awwwww.... :-)

When Andy got home from work this arvo, we then went shopping at Woolies in Revesby. We discovered some Pringles on special with 2 AMAZING "Aussie" themed flavours - Chicken Salt for one, and a Meat Pie for the other. And they are.... AMAZING! Chicken Salt is a staple when you buy chips, and it's not even made from any chicken by-product (well, some versions do have an extract). And the meat pie flavoured one tastes JUST like a cheap mince pie that you'd buy at a 7-11 or a football game! LOL


It's ANDY!

So. Friggin'. Delicious!

Soooooooo delicious!
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We are BUSY! (Well, understaffed, I suppose...) Overtime on a Sunday used to be rare... But now it seems to be a rather frequent occurrence. I'm not complaining... Cha ching!

So I started at 12.24pm today. The maximum length of shift - which on a Sunday certainly works in my favour!

I had rung Rick yesterday, in L.A., to wish him a Happy Birthday. He had a new phone, so I told him he should install WhatsApp on it, so he did. And after a few messages to him, he sent me the following pic, which I hadn't actually seen before - and I LOVE! It was from our day at Universal Studios, back in late May / early June last year. Dean was working as the wizard in Olivander's Wand Shop in the Harry Potter section of the park that day, and we got to see him in action, but the day in the park was just the 3 of us (Craige was still with me).

Meanwhile, nothing else in iCal or Reminders has been done... LOL

Universal 2016

I really like this pic!
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