notmypresident: (Happy Girl!)
I kinda/sorta went overboard on food yesterday. Though to be truthful, I was still in a funk about the negative scale results. I even downed one of the evening snacks allowed by NutriSystem, something I'd previously abstained from just to clock in a few bonus calorie credits. Even so, I was a bit relieved when I sat down to plug in my food diary. Despite all that I had eaten from my various NutriSystem boxes (breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners), I was still 240 calories under my daily limit of 1500. Woo-hoo! Nothing like cheating without a penalty!

I may spend the day watching one or two Silver Screen epics like Ben-Hur or the camp classic The Ten Commandments (Anne Bancroft chewing the scenery is worth the price of admission alone). I don't really have many chores to do, but little things tend to become big things if you don't take care of them ASAP. We'll see how hot it gets today, which is always a determining factor.

Now for Another Hot Guy.